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With 10,000 persons turning 65 years old every day, incontinence is a growing issue facing a booming aging population. At Parentgiving, our mission is to provide the best adult care products, incontinence products for youth and incontinence diapers for elderly. Incontinence can start with the occasional leak and progress to a chronic condition that is embarrassing and intrudes on self-respect and the ability to freely go about one’s life. Below we have several super absorbent adult diaper options. We have hundreds of products available including the best adult diapers, the best booster pads for adults, the best bariatric incontinence supplies, and the best bowel incontinence underwear to specifically address your needs.

Adult Diapers

Top-Rated Diapers

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Adult diapers come in various styles, sizes, and absorbencies to suit different needs. These top-rated products provide superior protection against leaks while being comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Overnight Diapers

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Overnight diapers are designed to provide extra absorbency and protection throughout the night. They are typically thicker than other diapers, with an inner core that locks away moisture and helps prevent leaks. Overnight diapers come in various sizes, styles, and absorbencies, making it easy to find the right product for your needs.

Pull-Up Diapers

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Regain control by using adult pull-up diapers. Pull-up diapers provide excellent leak protection while allowing you to move and stay active. They are designed with stretchable sides that allow for a comfortable fit, while their discreet look makes them easy to use in public.

Understanding the Different Fits & Types of Adult Diapers

Pull-up Underwear

  • Look and feel of regular underwear (generally more acceptable for reluctant users or those new to incontinence)
  • More comfortable for active users
  • More discreet under clothing
  • May have tear-away sides for easy removal
  • May have leg cuffs to contain leaks

Tape-on/Tab Top Diapers

  • Easiest for putting on or taking off for caregivers
  • Typically used for less mobile users or bedridden users
  • Most common style used in institutional settings (nursing homes, assisted living, hospitals)
  • Adjustable tabs may offer a more customized fit around narrow legs or larger bellies
  • Easier clean up for bowel incontinence

Incontinence Pads

Top-Rated Pads

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Incontinence pads are a great choice for managing bladder leakage. They provide discreet protection and come in various sizes and absorbencies to ensure maximum leak protection. These top-rated pads are designed with special absorbent materials that lock away moisture for added protection.

Booster Pads

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Booster pads provide an extra layer of protection for your adult diaper. They fit securely inside your adult diaper, adding extra absorbency and helping prevent leaks.


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While pads, briefs, and diapers can frequently stop leaks caused by incontinence, accidents can still happen. Underpads can help safeguard your bedding and provide an extra layer of protection against moisture. The absorbent core locks away liquids, keeping your mattress and sheets dry, while the waterproof backing keeps fluids from seeping through.

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Understanding & Managing Incontinence

Adult Diapers

Don't keep making expensive trips to the pharmacy, Shop for the biggest selection in adult diapers, inserts, boosters, bed pads, and odor and healthy cleaning products. Buy the best-selling brand Tranquility or our many plus-size brands. Ordering is easy, and shipping is fast. You can contact customer service through phone, email, or live chat. Get fast, free shipping with our loyalty program. Check regularly for a discount on select items. Find the best adult diapers with tabs or pull-ups.

The Causes of Adult Incontinence

Incontinence is a growing issue in America's aging population. It can start with a little leak from something like pregnancy, surgery, or injury but progress into a more chronic medical condition as you grow older, or you could have gastrointestinal issues. No matter what age you are, incontinence is embarrassing and stressful. features the best adult diaper selection and a variety of choices in other incontinence supplies. Let us help you choose the best adult incontinence products to suit your individual needs, stress-free.

What Are Adult Diapers?

Though many older adults do rely on incontinence briefs, adults of all ages need absorbing undergarments for a medical condition or surgery that may cause temporary or permanent incontinence. They are made to hold much more moisture than diapers for infants or babies. Adult diapers can be manufactured with tabs or pull-up style. Pull-up adult diapers fit more like underwear, but diapers with tabs are easier for caregivers and for those with a disability who must lay down or have difficulty standing.

How Can I Choose the Right Adult Diaper?

Choosing the right adult diaper will depend on your personal needs. Consider factors such as absorbency, leakage protection, size, and fit when selecting an incontinence product. You may have to try out various brands before you find adult incontinence products that work well and fit you comfortably. Booster pads, under-bed pads, and clean-up products can also assist with any impairment you may be experiencing.

Types of Adult Incontinence Products

Various forms of incontinence product solutions are available to help manage and control this condition. It’s important to understand the different types of products to determine which one is best suited for your needs.

  • Adult Diapers with Tabs: Adult diapers with tabs can work for anyone with incontinence but they are the perfect product for individuals with mobility issues or those who require a caregiver. The re-fastenable tabs on the adult diapers enable them to be opened, examined, and secured by the caretaker.
  • Pull-Up Adult Diapers: Pull-ups are beneficial for those with normal mobility. This kind of adult diaper mimics everyday undergarments. Which makes people feel more at ease wearing them. They come in various sizes, designs, and colors.
  • Bariatric Briefs: Bariatric briefs allow for greater protection and absorbency for those with a larger waist size. They are designed to provide an extra secure fit around the waist, legs, and hips, allowing for more flexibility and movement. These briefs are available in waist sizes up to 106 inches. Though they are marked in sizes ranging from small to XL, it is important to measure before selecting a size.
  • Incontinence Pads: Pads can be a helpful solution for those with mild incontinence problems. They are designed to be worn over either diapers or panties. Incontinence pads are available in various sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and absorption levels. Some pads even incorporate scents to aid in odor control and are available in gender-specific designs.

Get Moisture-Wicking Products

No matter which style of incontinence product you choose, dryness is essential and doesn't have to come at a premium price! When skin is exposed to urine and fecal matter, it can cause diaper rash and infection. That's why it's extremely important to choose adult incontinence products that are moisture-wicking, breathable, and a lining that tracks moisture away from the body.

Trial and Error When It Comes to Meeting Your Personal Goals.

When choosing an adult diaper, trial and error is key to figuring out what works best for you. By taking the time to understand your individual needs and researching your options, you can find an incontinence product that works best for you. Some key questions to ask include:

  1. How concerned are you about urine leaks?
  2. What kind of style do you prefer?
  3. How do you want it to look underneath clothing?
  4. Do you have sensitive skin or allergies?
  5. What kind of fabric or material would be most comfortable?

With the right product, you can regain control of your life and feel more confident. If you are interested in samples, please contact our customer service team and we would be happy to send options to find the right fit for you.

ParentGiving Picks for Adult Incontinence Briefs

We created ParentGiving Picks as a fast and easy way to learn about our best products in order to serve our retail customers better than any pharmacy ever could. These top-rated adult incontinence briefs are known for their value and quality. Subscribe to our auto-delivery program to save an extra 5% for brand loyalty.

Super Absorbency & Overnight

  • Dry Direct Ultimate Underwear: This pull-up underwear is designed to reduce the number of required changes. It has a pull-up design, but it has tear-away panels that make changes easy. They are also absorbent enough to be used overnight.
  • Tranquility Premium Overnight Diaper: These diapers come in a large variety of sizes from XS to XXL, and they are made to hold enough liquid to allow wearers to sleep through the night without worrying about an accident.
  • TENA Super Briefs: These briefs have hook tabs that make them easy to fasten and unfasten without worrying about rearing. This underwear is absorbent enough to reduce the need for changes and work overnight. It is also suitable for fecal incontinence. Additionally, these briefs have the Instadri skin-caring system to help keep skin healthy.

Adult Diapers for Women

  • Prevail Underwear for Women (Maximum Absorbency): Prevail underwear are highly absorbent, so they are good for daytime or overnight use. Also, they can allow many women to feel more comfortable wearing them since they look and feel like regular underwear.

Adult Diapers for Men

  • Depend for Men Fit-Flex Maximum Absorbency Underwear: This super absorbent underwear is easy to get on and off and fit like regular underwear to help prevent leaks. They also come with odor control, so wearers don't have to worry about embarrassing odors.

Youth Sizes

  • Select Disposable Youth and Adult Absorbent Underwear: This diaper is made for those with heavy incontinence, but they come with a soft, breathable outer cover to improve comfort. They also have tear-away sides to make changes easy. They come in sizes from youth to XXL.

Everyday Value Adult Diapers

  • TENA Super Briefs: These diapers have premium options for nighttime and daytime patient care. also has a large selection of super absorbent, moisture-wicking adult incontinence garments, catheters, creams/lotions, gel, gloves, hand sanitizer, healthy nutrition products, and product samples. Skip the pharmacy, order now for convenient shipping. Free shipping on orders over $69!

FSA & HSA Eligible

Your adult incontinence supplies may be covered partly by your HSA (health savings account) and FSA (flexible spending account). Most adult diaper manufacturers support both programs. All or a portion of the cost is covered by your FSA or HSA account. You can save money on taxes by using either account when you buy adult incontinence products.

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