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Leak Proof Diapers for Adults

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Having trouble with your cloth diapers leaking? Looking for that perfect leak-proof diaper for adults? There are several helpful strategies that can help to minimize and eliminate leaking diapers. This article is dedicated to helping you find the right diaper at the right price that will provide the maximum level of efficiency and comfort at all times and locations.

Finding the Right Diaper


The number one factor accounting for diaper leakage is an incorrect fit. If a diaper does not fit correctly, leakage will be a recurring issue. It is important to know the size of the adult diaper needed and to experiment. To view more of our wide variety of size, be sure to check out our bariatric briefs. Adult diaper brands typically have size charts that you can look at before purchasing. However, different brands have different size charts, so if a diaper does not fit correctly, it is advised to explore other options until the correct fit is found.

It is also advised to check diapers properly before going about your day. Diapers should fit right and snugly around the waist, but not be too tight. Ensure that there are no gaps around the stomach or legs. Loose-fitting diapers are a common source of leakage, but diapers that are too tight or overstuffed can also cause problems, such as compression leaks.


Not all diapers are designed the same. Most diaper brands offer gender-specific incontinence products as well. Adult care products for women tend to offer more absorbency in lower areas, while for men the front of the diaper is made more absorbent. Finding a diaper that is designed specifically for the person using them will make a large difference in combating leaks.

The Depend for Men Fit-Flex Maximum Absorbency Underwear is a top choice for a men’s overnight depends diaper with maximum absorbency. Designed like a regular pair of underwear, its soft and stretchy design allows for top-notch comfort during the day or night. Its brief-like appearance allows for leg leakage protection and easy removal.

For women, the top recommendation for an absorbent, overnight diaper is the Prevail for Women Overnight Absorbency Protective Underwear. These are designed for heavy overnight or extended protection. Designed to keep you dry and smelling good at all times with its wick absorbing technology and odor defense, these overnight incontinence diapers for elderly are an excellent selection for anyone needing long-term or overnight protection.

Activity Levels

A person’s level of activity is almost important to take note of when shopping for the right super absorbent adult diaper. If someone is bedridden or their level of activity is low, it is a good idea to explore tape-on diapers. Inversely, someone who is more active may enjoy the convenience and comfort of pull-up diapers.

The Prevail Air Overnight Heavy Absorbency Incontinence Brief is an incredible leak proof diaper for bedridden adults. Featuring tape-on straps for convenient application and removal, this overnight diaper features heavy absorbency protection and Microclimate Care technology to keep skin moisturized and healthy for the extended periods that this diaper is designed for.

Heavy Absorbency

Some products are made to be extra absorbent. These may cost slightly more than standard incontinence products but are well worth it in the level of additional protection they provide. It is much better to spend a few more dollars on diapers than to spend a few hundred dollars on a new mattress, chair, clothes, etc. Diapers that are designed for overnight use tend to be more absorbent so it is highly advised to invest in and experiment with these products. One can also wear overnight diapers during the daytime to ensure maximum protection.

Parentgiving offers many products and brands that are extra absorbent, such as the Dry Direct Ultimate Underwear. This underwear offers 40 ounces of absorbency capacity under pressure (3x more than anything found in brick and mortar stores) and elastic leg cuffs that guarantee top-level protection from leakage. These diapers come in all sizes and are also available in samples so that you can try them before committing.

Another top selection for maximum absorbency is the Tranquility Premium OverNight Absorbent Underwear. This latex pull-up adult diaper is an excellent option for those looking for a comfortable and effective overnight adult diaper. They are also disposable, which is a valuable asset when dealing with nighttime incontinence. Extra Steps to Take to Combat Leaking Diapers. For bowel incontinence, be sure to check out our best bowel incontinence underwear.


For extra protection, use booster and incontinence pads. These are comfortable and provide an extra layer of absorption from leaks. There are two main types of pads: flow-through pads and inserts.

Booster pads soak in extra liquid and are made to keep the moisture packed away, keeping you dry at all times. Incontinence pads are designed for lighter loads and can be worn inside of regular underwear for discreet and comfortable protection. However, they are still very effective against leaks. Pads can be combined with other incontinence products, so experiment to see what works best for you.

Because of their size and surface area, the most absorbent booster pads are generally much more affordable than full adult diapers. They are also a great introductory garment for those who are dealing with light incontinence or who are just beginning to feel the symptoms from it. Pads can be a great way to begin experimenting with incontinence products. If they can stop leaks, then you can continue with just them. Additionally, if a regular adult diaper is not sufficient to stop leaks, you can experiment with pads first before switching to a more absorbent (and likely more expensive and uncomfortable) brand/type of adult diaper.

The Tranquility Topliner Super Booster Pads are the top-rated booster pads on Parentgiving and are also available to sample before purchase. They feature a Flow-Through design and an extremely absorbent liner. These are latex-free and are very popular among those with sensitive skin. They also contain an adhesive that allows them to remain in line with any adult diaper and prevent leaks that may otherwise occur with loose-fitting pads.

Covers and Sheets.

As unfortunate as it may be, sometimes leaks are inevitable. It is highly advised to invest in waterproof and/or plastic covers for mattresses and furniture if a leak occurs. Protecting your bed, couch, chairs, etc. is an important decision to consider, especially since people tend to sleep/take naps here. When sleeping, leaks are more common and cannot be countered other than through preventative measures.


Experimentation is the name of the game. Many brands carried by Parentgiving offer samples so you can test different brands and sizes before you commit. It is always recommended to acquire a variety of diapers, pads, and liners so that you can mix and match different products to get the perfect fit. Diapers are made from a variety of materials, such as cotton, fiber, hemp, etc. These differences in material, as well as differences in the amount of padding, mean that diapers can feel very different from one another. It is important to note what a diaper is made with and to test a wide variety to ensure they are comfortable and fit well.

Make sure you carry backup diapers and pads. Not changing diapers will make it more likely for leaks to occur in the future, not to mention the health risks associated with not changing incontinence products for extended periods.


Another method of limiting leakage involves altering diet, especially before going to bed. Limiting liquid intake, especially alcohol, before bed can make a large difference in preventing leakage. Avoiding water-based fruits and vegetables before bed can also help in limiting incontinence issues. Other foods to avoid include wheat-based foods and sugar as these foods help to stimulate your bladder. Making a change in diet can go a long way to preventing incontinence issues which lead to urine and/or fecal leakage.


Stopping leaks is a process that involves several crucial steps. It is important to take care of these steps to ensure a comfortable and dry fit. Leaking diapers can ruin your day or even your favorite pair of pants. It is important to ensure a proper fitting and appropriate adult care products combined with preventative measures to ensure your incontinence issues are well taken care of.

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