Make buying adult diapers and incontinence supplies private and convenient. Order the leading brands you already rely on or explore new incontinence products that can better serve your needs from well-known names like Depend and Attends and innovative premium brands like Tranquility, TENA, Unique Wellness, and FitRight.

With our convenient home delivery for all your incontinence needs, there's no need to be limited to drugstore brands and then wait in line with your items. Just tell us what you need and how often to deliver!

Here are the benefits of auto delivery program:

  • Fast, free delivery on your schedule
  • Cancel or change your subscription at any time
  • Additional 5% off
    (cannot be combined with other offers or coupons)
  • Knowledgeable customer service representatives to create your order list
  • Reward points can be applied to auto delivery orders

To find out about the best product choices for you and set up your ordering schedule, call us at 1-888-746-2107 Monday-Thursday, from 9am to 8pm and until 5pm on Fridays and let us take the hassle out of incontinence.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • How much do I need to spend to get an extra 5% off of my Auto Delivery order?
      When you sign up for our auto delivery program an extra 5% off any order over $59. Please note that the subscription price must be over $59 after the 5% discount has been applied.
    • What if I set up auto delivery, but then no longer need the products?
      That is no problem. You can cancel your auto delivery at any time for any reason.
  • Apply Reward Points to Subscriptions
    • How many reward points can I apply to auto delivery order?
      You can apply 500 reward points ($5.00) to each auto delivery order

    Last updated January 13, 2020