We created Parentgiving Picks as a shortcut for our Customer Care people to quickly point customers to "great products". We expanded the definition to encompass "best sellers" (people voting with their wallet) and "highest rated" (people so enthusiastic with a product that they take the time to fill out a survey). Marrying all of these criteria was the birth of "Parentgiving Picks" — a curated list of the best aging products — with a special focus on incontinence products. PG Picks tend to reflect products that offer great value (they work well for the price), or products that work exceptionally well. We have helped over 200,000 customers in choosing, applying, evaluating, and ranking the "best" incontinence products. We’ve recently taken our extensive product and application knowledge — and broken our picks into every relevant subcategory in the space. We update these lists frequently and share often with our manufacturing partners in the hopes of driving up quality or driving down cost — all to server our customers better.
Bath safety Incontinence - skin care
Bed rails Incontinence - pads & guards
Mobility Daily living
Bedroom Nutrition
Incontinence - other Incontinence - diapers & briefs