Parentgiving offers two programs for those with bulk purchasing needs.

Volume Discount Program
(a.k.a. One-Time Quotes)
Institutional Sales Program
Designed for Consumers & small business Business, government and educational entities
You pay via Credit/debit card or check Check, ACH/Wire Transfer, or Credit/debit card
Terms Pre-pay only. Post-pay (or pre-pay for discount). See below for details.
Invoicing You receive a post-order confirmation via email. Upon request, an invoice will be sent in advance. Invoices automatically emailed & mailed with your purchase order.
How it works You request a One-Time Quote via phone. If the order is for 4 or more items AND the order total is >$250, we will typically offer discounts. Businesses: submit a credit application1 with your first order. Once the account has been approved, your first order will be processed.

Government & Education: fax or email us your order2 with a PO number – no credit application is required.

Institutional Program customers automatically get a minimum of 5% off. Additional discounts may be available based on what you are buying and your volume.
Service Experienced customer service reps Dedicated Institutional Program account manager familiar with your account/order.
1 Get a credit application form to apply for a new Institutional Sales business account with Parentgiving.
2 See our Get Started page for instructions on sending us an order.

Institutional Sales Program

Our Institutional Sales Program offers many benefits for business, government and educational entities.
  • Low Prices: As an Institutional customer you will enjoy the lowest rates in the industry.
  • Selection: We work with most leading manufacturers and distributors. With thousands of home health and medical supplies, Parentgiving will likely become your one-stop-shop.
  • Service: Enjoy working with a dedicated account manager - an expert on our extensive catalog of products and your account.
  • Flexible payment terms: Post-pay for your orders via check, wire transfer, or credit/debit card.
  • Purchase orders: Upon placing your orders, you will receive customized invoices with your purchase order numbers prominently displayed.
  • Fast Order Processing & Delivery: With our nationwide network, most shipments will arrive in 1 to 3 business days, at no extra cost to you.
Payment Options
Post-pay via check, wire transfer or credit/debit card.

Terms & Conditions
Our standard payment terms are Net 30. Customers that pre-pay via check or wire transfer receive a 1% discount, in addition to any/all other discounts offered. Payments not received within 30 days of order delivery will be charged interest of 1.5% per month on the outstanding balance until 100% of the order total is received.

For questions about our Institutional Sales Program please call us at 888-746-2017 during business hours. If you are ready to get started, here are all the links you need.