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Choosing the Right Incontinence Product

By Sarah Johnson

Each individual is different. Regardless of whether someone has light or heavy incontinence, he or she should have access to high quality products to manage their condition.

Disposable Incontinence Product Types

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If you or someone you love has bowel incontinence, choosing the right incontinence product is especially important. After all, as a caregiver, you want to ensure that the products you select will "hold it all in" until you can check on the patient. Not only does fecal incontinence stink, but it damages skin over time. Then, you might need a medical prescription for something that could heal the skin. Learning to use the right products can help alleviate this risk.

Choosing the Best Incontinence Solutions for Women

Likewise, it's important to consider that the human body is different for women and men. Therefore, just as women don't wear men's trousers, preferring women-specific fashion, they shouldn't have to wear the same size underpants. Choosing the right incontinence product helps reduce the extent to which women feel they're wearing a diaper or get a leak too often.

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Although more of us think of skincare products for incontinence as primarily a fecal incontinence problem, this simply isn't true. Being able to wipe away urine before the caregiver puts on fresh undergarments helps maintain cleanliness and dignity. For that reason, choosing the right incontinence products also requires attention to products that can protect the skin. If in doubt, remember that your family doctor is an important resource when choosing between similar products.

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Feminine pads do one thing very well: let women walk around with confidence because they have protection against an accident or menstruation. Plus, she can put some in her bag discretely. However, these don't typically have the absorption of an incontinence pad. In addition, choosing the right incontinence products can mean avoiding a women's brand for a man, and vice versa. Incontinence pads easily absorb the larger volume of fluid that you can get from being too far from the bathroom. In addition, feminine pads tend to be lighter.

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If an adult has fecal incontinence, tape-on briefs often work well. Because of the tape, they help assure the comfort of someone who is bed-bound. However, they don't pull up and down, so this product isn't the best way to control incontinence for an active adult. Fortunately, they do control odor and the design helps with risk management because you don't have to move the patient as much to change their diaper.

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Choosing the right incontinence product doesn't always mean restricting yourself to the traditional, disposable adult diapers. For those who want leak protection that takes up less space in their trousers or cupboard, belted undergarments grant the best of both worlds. They are more compact and have a reusable belt that you add the incontinence pads to. Even someone with occasional fecal incontinence during the day can use these.

Why is choosing the right incontinence product so important?

It doesn't matter whether the incontinence someone is experiencing is due to medication, surgical recovery, or old age. Understanding the importance of incontinence products will help you select the right one. For many, the idea that their medical device use is none of anyone's business will push them towards more discrete products. On the other hand, maximum waterproofing will be critical for others. With that in mind, here's why you should look for the best performance when you need incontinence products.

These products are used to protect the bed and furniture when an individual is incontinent

Without the right incontinence products, every leak would soil clothing, beds, and other furniture that the patient sits or lies on. The logistics of cleaning each of these items, especially furniture, can be tricky and cost a lot of money. And although putting down a towel works to a point, this doesn't give the level of leak protection you'd expect from an incontinence pad.

They are used to protect a standard or air-support therapy mattress when an individual is incontinent

Among furniture, mattresses are often the hardest to clean. So, when someone needs to visit the toilet often during the night, consider using plastic pants or incontinence pads in panties. And, if these products leak often during the night, consider an extra waterproof pad or mattress protector. Either way, the design and absorption of each item should help ensure that there is more tranquility and less mess in the home.

They pull moisture away from the individual's skin after an episode of incontinence

Finally, the right products can help reduce the need for rash cream, even when someone is in transport to a clinic or away from home. That's because the design and absorption of adult underwear and pads help to pull moisture away from the skin and pelvis. By doing this, the product reduces the chance of dermatitis, infection of the skin, and some other medical issues.

Choosing the right incontinence products helps the patient (or you) manage the condition.

Finally, remember that while you may need a range of products to control the condition, you don't want cost or preference to become an obstacle to care. For example, women might prefer belted briefs because they are just a step up from the menstrual pads of their youth. However, you might find that these leak too much for the nighttime. In addition, you might find some creams calming to the skin, while others cause hypersensitivity. It's always important to experiment with different options as appropriate to find the best ones.

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