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Prevail IB Full-Mat Adult Overnight Diaper

These disposable adult diapers by Prevail are “full-mat” for superior all over absorption. The mat is extremely strong with bonded construction that prevents clumps and tears. The diapers are entirely latex-free and also feature an extra absorbent core that has a color-changing wetness indicator to alert users and caregivers in a clear manner when the brief is ready to be changed. This super core is built for maximum urinary incontinence, controls odors and keeps skin drier and more comfortable.

Two tape tabs on either side and multi-strand leg elastics also make these ultra-absorbent Prevail diapers very comfortable. Plus, they are easy for caregivers to change “without a mess.” All of these attributes make them a very popular choice, and though they’re from the well known brand Prevail, they’re not commonly available in grocery stores or pharmacies.

Prevail IB Full-Mat Adult Diapers were designed to fit the contours of both men and women. They are also a good choice for daytime use in order to go longer between changes--up to eight hours. Available in medium, large and extra large, for waist sizes 32-44, 45-58 and 59-64” respectively. They can be purchased by the pack or case and are a trusted and economic choice.