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MobiCushion Alternating Pressure Wheelchair Cushion Pneumatic Air Pillow

The durable Mobicushion for wheelchairs is all about helping you have the freedom to function. It can keep you mobile if you are dealing with pressure sores, helping to heal wounds and prevent new ones from forming while you use your wheelchair.


ThermoRelief Moist Heating Pad Auto Shut Off Extra Hot Digital Electric Pad

Get relief, heal faster, and get your life back without having to spend tons of money on expensive treatments. The soothing moist heat of this moist heat heating pad is most commonly recommended and used by medical professionals such as doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists for helping patients to relieve pain and muscle tension.


Thermacycle Water Circulating Sleep Pad Cools and Heats (PAD ONLY)

This is a Medical Grade HOT/COLD WATER CIRCULATING MATTRESS PAD that provides a thermoregulation to help keep your body at a comfortable temperature while you sleep. Water circulates throughout the pad, maintaining temperatures anywhere from 46 F to118 F in order to prevent cold or hot ‑ flashes during the night.


Dynamic Wedge Cervical Neck Traction with Heat Therapy and Electrotherapy

Dynamic Wedge Cervical is an Automatic Neck Traction Device with adjustable heat therapy, electrotherapy, and multifunction air traction for relief from neck pain, spinal pressure, neckbone tension, stiff chronic pain, and disc alignment.


Ottoman Foot Massager Air Compression, Shiatsu kneading, intense vibration and heat therapy by Ottossage

he Ottossage will complement the style and function of your living room, while providing a spa like experience for your feet, in the comfort of your own home.


Brightwand Phototherapy Light For Skin Conditon

Corded and hand-held, flexible to use. Easy operation, suitable for home use. The effect is fast, and curative effect is obvious.


Thermacycle Water Circulating Sleep Cools and Heats (BASE ONLY)

Thermacycle’s single temperature zone allows you to control the climate of your mattress with the click of a button. Unlike other heating and cooling pads, our deluxe water-based system doesn’t generate EMF radiation, ensuring a consistent and comfortable sleep environment.


AIRE Heated Neck Cervical Massage Device

The Aire pneumatic air massager is a great way to relax and revitalize problem areas. This therapeutic neck massager is specially designed to loosen and relax tight muscles and muscle knots.