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Hand Held Shower Heads

Freeship Hand-held showers help people in a sitting position to wash more safely and comfortably - and rinse those hard-to-reach spots. Read our Buyers Guide for help finding the right product.
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Deluxe Hand Held Shower Head with 7 foot hose

PG#: 000010v12041

Deluxe shower head with 6 water functions and 3-way diverter valve for multiple uses.

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Deluxe Handheld Shower Head with Diverter Valve

PG#: 00006v12037
By: Drive

Handheld shower spray head with diverter valve and wall mount by Drive Medical. Easy access on/off switch.


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Choosing The Best Handheld Shower Heads

A handheld showerhead offers bath safety, water therapy and convenience in one simple daily living tool. Whether you stand or prefer to sit on a shower chair or bench in the tub or shower stall, a handheld showerhead means you can position water flow exactly where you want it. Certain models are designed to save water (and heating costs), too.

Among the most helpful features are:

  • A 6 to 8 foot flexible hose
  • Dual mount that allows you to use the showerhead in the traditional position or as a hand shower head
  • A variety of water spray options that include regular shower, massage and pulsating sprays
  • Water saver function or pause control feature to reduce water flow
  • Ergonomic handle for ease of use
  • Handle safety strap to make holding the showerhead easier
  • A diverter valve that allows operation of either the regular showerhead or the handheld