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Commode Chairs

commode chair, adult potty chair, toilet chair

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3-in-1 Commodes

Excellent comfort and stability as bedside commodes or to be used as a raised to...

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Disposable liners & bags for commode toilets.

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Commodes with arm rests that drop down out of the way to more easily accommodate...

Choosing The Best Commode Chairs

A commode chair is a great aid for someone who, because of diminished mobility, must stay in bed or in a wheelchair and cannot easily move to the bathroom. There are many variations in design so that the commode toilet you choose can serve more than one function. There is also a wide price range, often determined by factors ranging from its features to the materials used to make the commode chair to the bodyweight it is able to support. If a bedside commode is needed only temporarily, a less expensive commode toilet design may suffice. If a more supportive bariatric commode is needed or the commode seat will be used over the long term, you’ll want one with the strongest construction. If you’re getting a commode shower chair, be sure the frame is made from a material that won’t rust.

Versatility is important to some users. The Steel Folding Commode by Lumex, made from welded steel, can be easily converted from a bedside commode and set atop a toilet bowl to create a toilet frame and raised toilet seat. This is helpful as you progress from recuperating in bed yet still have difficulty sitting down and rising from a low toilet, for instance.

If you have a hard time getting up and down to use a commode or the toilet itself, a commode with a self-powered lifting mechanism like The Uplift Commode Assist by Carex will give you safe, controlled support and lifts up to eighty percent of your weight. This model can stand alone or be placed over the toilet.

A folding bedside commode is an option when space is limited. The 3-in-1 Folding Aluminum Bedside Commode style by Drive Medical can be folded without tools for convenient storage and travel. The frame can be configured as a bedside commode, toilet safety frame or elevated toilet seat over your existing toilet.

Top-of-the-line multi-function commode chairs have wheels for easy maneuvering by the user or a caregiver. Packed with features, Drop-Arm Commode Transport Chair with Wheels by Nova functions as a regular wheeled chair with an upholstered seat (which can be easily removed as needed), back rest and arms. The drop arm commode design also allows for safe lateral transfers to and from the commode, and the chair has swivel casters that roll easily.

Among the most versatile commodes is the Shower Chair/Commode with Wheels by Nova. For durability during shower use, the comfortable padded seat is sealed to prevent moisture penetration and is easy to clean. As a commode chair, it can be used as a portable self-contained commode or can be positioned in the shower.

Another option is commode chairs is a transfer bench commode—a commode built wide enough to be used as a transfer bench for getting in and out of the tub safely and comfortably. The I-Class Blow-Molded Transfer Bench Commode has helpful features like a reversible backrest that snaps in and out so that you can position it to the right or left, depending on the side of the tub or shower that the fixtures are located on. Important for any commode seat that will be used within a tub or shower, it has important extra features: a textured, nonslip seat with drain holes and built-in slots to place a hand-held shower and soap.