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Prepare For Summer Travel With The Right Daily Living Aids

Health Tips Whether you’re a senior traveler with certain heath needs going to visit a family member or the host of an older loved one hoping to make your guest as comfortable as possible, consider what simple safety measures should be taken and what daily living items will make the stay easier.

For people with limited mobility, make movement easier with travel versions of assistive devices like a folding walking cane and a bed rail that pivots to facilitate getting out of bed. For in-bed comfort, a mattress pad or overlay and the right neck pillow for sleeping will help promote a better night’s rest. If incontinence is an issue, mattress protectors and disposable underpads offer added security. To ensure medication compliance, a pre-filled pillbox is a smart idea; just take along a list of all prescription drugs, including dosage sizes and frequency, in case to you to refill while you’re away.

Yes, it involves more thought and planning, but the result is having all the comforts of home right at your fingertips, no matter where you are.