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Big Button Phones

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SMPL Amplified Hands-Free Dialing Photo Phone

By: SMPL Technology

The Smpl photo phone is amplified making it ideal for hard-of-hearing and for those who wear hearing aids.



Clarity E814 Amplified Corded/Cordless Combo with Answering Machine

PG#: 00008vCLARITY-E814CC
By: Clarity

Amplified corded phone with cordless handset and answering machine.



Clarity-P300 Amplified Photo Phone

PG#: 00008vCLARITY-P300
By: Clarity

Makes dialing easy! Just touch the photo button of the person you want to call. 9 photo speed dial buttons & more.

was $79.99


CapTel 880i Captioned Phone

PG#: 000029vUTI-880i
By: CapTel

The CapTel 880i Captioned Phone is a traditional-style phone that shows word-for-word captions of your conversation on a large, easy-to-read 10" display.



ATT-CL4940 Corded Answering System

PG#: 00008vATT-CL4940
By: At&T

This phone features a large backlit LCD screen and extra large buttons.



Clarity D703HS Spare Handset for E8 Series Phones

PG#: 00008vCLARITY-D703HS
By: Clarity

Expandable handset for the Clarity E8 series phone.



Geemarc AmpliCL100 Amplified Phone

PG#: 000029vHC-CL100
By: Geemarc

C-100 A large keypad, 9 memory buttons and 3 emergency buttons make it easy for those with vision or dexterity issues to dial the phone.

was $79.99


Geemarc AmpliPOWER60 Amplified Phone

By: Geemarc

The Geemarc AmpliPOWER60 amplified big button corded telephone features incoming voice amplification up to 67dB (decibels) with a loud and clear speakerphone



Clear Sounds CLS-WCSC600 Amplified Big Button Phone

PG#: 00008vCLS-WCSC600
By: Clear Sounds

Corded phone with large buttons and sound amplifying technology.



Clarity Handset for BT914 by TeleDynamics

PG#: 00008vCLARITY-BT914-HS
By: Clarity

Expandable handset for BT914 (required - not included)



Clarity-BT914 Bluetooth Cordless Big Button Phone by TeleDynamics

PG#: 00008vCLARITY-BT914
By: Clarity

Enjoy amplified calls without a landline; the BT914 pairs with your cell phone or other mobile device to make calls.



Clarity JV-35 Amplified Big Button Phone With Talk Back Numbers

PG#: 00008vCLARITY-JV35
By: Clarity

Large button phone with black keys by Clarity. Never miss a call and hear better with this amplified, easy-to-dial phone!

was $149.32


Clarity Alto Big Button Phone

By: Clarity

Large button phone with technology built for seniors.



Clarity Alto Plus Big Button Phone

By: Clarity

Clarity Alto Plus amplified phone with big buttons helps with mild, moderate and severe hearing loss

was $199.99


Future Call FC-1204 Amplified Voice Dialer Phone

PG#: 000029vFC-1204
By: Future Call

The Future Call FC-1204 is an all-in-one voice dialer phone lets you make calls, end calls and answer calls without ever needing to touch the phone.


Showing: 1-15 of 15
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Choosing The Best Big Button Phones

Vision problems can make using the phone difficult, if not impossible. Advances in design include big button telephones that make it much easier to see the numbers and punch them to make calls. Many styles also come with advances for the hearing impaired, like a programmable high-decibel ringer and other sound controls.

Key visual features add to the functionality of big button phones:

  • Big buttons are the most obvious advantage of these telephones, and a wide variety of button sizes exist from slightly larger than normal to buttons that are up to one square inch in size.
  • Big buttons that are backlit or on an illuminated keypad to make them easier to see. These big button phones retain a sleek looking design while allowing you to place calls in low light situations.
  • An electronic voice that repeats each number as it is dialed so you know you did it correctly, like the Clarity JV-35.
  • A high contrast talking caller ID screen with a large font, like the Clarity XLC3.4 Extra Loud Cordless Phone.
  • A bright flashing light that goes off when a call comes in, making it less likely to miss calls, and that indicates when a voicemail message is waiting for you.

Look for the right combination of features and convenience to find the most useful big button phone for you.