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Bedpans offer relief to patients that are bedridden or have limited mobility. S...

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Portable urinals designed specifically for females. Great for camping, long road...

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Choosing The Best Bedpans and Urinals

There are times when getting out of bed to use the toilet is difficult or even impossible and other times when you simply can’t get to a bathroom. Making this natural function easy to accomplish when you’re not as mobile as you’d like is a bedpan or a portable urinal.

There are many styles of bedpans, like contoured and fracture bedpans, and urinals, such as male and female urinals. A traditional or contoured bedpan has a rounded, contoured shape to make maneuvering it easier. A fracture bedpan is a design meant for people recuperating from a bone facture or any condition that leaves them immobile. It has what’s called a low profile, usually a tapered front, so that it can slip much more easily under you.

There are inexpensive disposable bedpan styles that are a good idea if you need to use one for a limited time and don’t want to worry about cleaning it. For durability, however, choose a stainless steel model.

Urinals are typically more substantial than bedpans. These usually look like containers and have a cap so that waste is contained—less chance of spillage and less obtrusive if the contents can’t be disposed of right away or if, for convenience, it needs to be attached to a wheelchair or bed rail.

Urinals is particular (and some bedpans) are designed by gender so that they contour more effectively to the male or female anatomy. For example, the URSEC Spill-Proof Plastic Urinal For Women allows a woman to urinate in virtually any position: reclined, seated or standing. It may be a better choice than a bedpan if you have limited mobility. When choosing a urinal, look for designs with easy-to-hold handles that, like the Feminal, give you a leakproof seal when pressed against the body and when drawn away after use.

Many urinals are made of plastic or composites. If you have any latex sensitivity, be sure to choose a latex free design.

Whether you’re using a bedpan or a urinal, if you need to measure your daily output for health reasons, look for a design with graduated marks. Capacity is another consideration—some are capable of holding close to a quart of liquid.

Other designs to facilitate urination are uniquely designed not only for people with mobility issues, but for those who simply don’t have access to a bathroom, like when you’re camping or on a long road trip and don’t know when you’ll reach the next rest stop. The Travel John Disposable Urinal is a waterless urinal that changes liquid waste into biodegradable leakproof gel in the bag instantly and it has a spill guard to prevent back flow during use. Both men and women can use it either sitting or standing. Each pouch can hold up to 28 ounces or 800 cc.