12 Ideas For Senior Guests

By Julie Davis

Prepare your home for senior houseguests. Room by room, these comfort aids for seniors can create a safe retreat and a more enjoyable stay for older relatives and family friends.

When you're celebrating the holidays at your home with out-of-town guests, having comfort aids for seniors can be even more meaningful than lavish decorations. Room by room, these additions can create a safe retreat and a more enjoyable stay for older relatives and family friends.


Already the most dangerous room in the house, some simple bath safety products are great for preventing falls and making the bathroom more accessible. If the bathroom will be shared with others, look for comfort aids for seniors designed to fold up and be easily moved to the side for family members who don't need to use them.

Shower Chairs & Bath Seats
Sitting in the tub or shower on a stool, bench or chair gives a sense of security to people who tire easily or feel unsteady on their feet. Options among these comfort aids for seniors range from a simple stool to models with a back, arms, and cutouts for soap and a hand-held shower. Some include two legs that sit outside the tub, enabling the user to sit down on the outside edge and then swivel into the tub rather than stepping over the side.

Raised Toilet Seats

Raised Toilet Seat

One of the first mobility changes experienced by seniors is difficulty bending. A raised toilet seat makes it easier for seniors to sit down on and get up from the toilet. The tall-ette hinged elevated toilet seat from Maddak offers a unique hinged seat design that adds 3” of height while being incredibly easy to clean.

Toilet Safety Frames
If balance is an issue, a toilet safety frame that wraps around your existing toilet offers support for getting up and down. You can also get a raised toilet seat with arms that act as a safety frame to do both jobs.

Grab Bars
A permanent addition, these bars offer support when placed next to the toilet and shower or bath. 


EZ Adjust Bedrail

Getting a good night's sleep is important for seniors, and you can make sure your guest room is a safe haven. Seniors often need support getting in and out of bed with a support rail. The mobility rail by Stander includes two adjustable legs that extend to the floor for extra stability and an attached arm that provides support when standing up and moving to and away from the bed, plus it has an ergonomic rubber grip handle for comfort and support.

The EZ Adjust Bed Rail is the only side bed rail that you can adjust after you install it. It works as a safety rail as well as a support for getting into and out of bed.

Mattress Cushioning
You don't need to replace a guest room mattress if you can bolster its support with a mattress topper that supports the head and neck, torso, hips, legs and feet and distributes body weight evenly, reducing pressure.

Mattress Protection

Waterproof Mattress Protector

Safeguard the integrity of your mattress with a mattress cover is made of hospital-grade vinyl that can be easily wiped clean.

Waterproof mattress pads protect against spills as well as any incontinence issues. You can choose from disposable or reusable pads that double up your mattress protection and, when placed over a bottom sheet, can limit the loads of laundry you'll need to do. The SureCare Disposable Chux Underpad has embossed backing to make it stable for people who move around at night and a non-woven facing for greater comfort.

Bed Pillows and Foam Wedges
Supportive pillows make sleeping and sitting up in bed more comfortable. The dual position comfort wedge by Hermell Products is a uniquely designed foam wedge and pillow that supports and cradles the back, neck, shoulders and head. Use it horizontally as a bed wedge for sleeping to gently elevate the head for easier breathing. Use it in the upright position, vertically, to provide comfort and support while sitting.


Put the "finishing touches" on your home with these much appreciated comfort aids for seniors.

Pocket Magnifier
The pocket 4.5 x magnifierby Lifestyle Essentials is the perfect magnifying aid with 4.5 x magnification. It is the perfect item to have either at home or while you are on the go.

Fun & Games
Playing cards can be difficult to hold for those with stiffness in their hands. Use a clear plastic holder to make it easier for those who have difficulty gripping playing cards.

Portable Tabletops
Another helpful innovation is a portable table with a support handle for getting on and off a sofa or an armchair. The Assist-A-Tray is a stand that provides support plus a dual-pivoting tray that houses a cup holder and extended compartment, perfect for keeping handy items close by. Super grip feet ensure stability and protect the floor from damage. An overbed table is a similar design that keeps items in reach at bedside without having to lean over to reach a nightstand.

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