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Chux and Underpads

Underpads (or Chux/Chucks) are an important fail safe to ensure less leaks and less laundering when managing a loved one with limited mobility and incontinence.
We often see underpads used on top of the sheets in bed, on recliners and sofas, and used in auto seats as well. Underpads are a flexible and practical solution in providing a void barrier of last resort. Used in conjunction with premium overnight adult diapers or underwear, underpads) can provide an extra layer of security against nighttime leaks in bed clothes and the subsequent excessive laundering that follows. Sizes and cost will vary (larger sizes covering more area contain more material and are more expensive) while smaller underpads can also be very effective on a wheelchair, auto, sofa or chair when there's heavy daytime incontinence.

Most top-rated waterproof mattress pads offer three or more layers for significant absorbency and a soft-to-the-touch outer barrier that stays dry. Eliminating odor is another top feature in the very best underpads. Our most popular underpads break down into three main categories:
  1. Air-permeable underpads are recommended to prevent skin breakdown when an immobile caree spends more than 18 hours a day in the bed – the air permeability of this type of pad creates a healthier environment to reduce skin breakdown.
  2. From a cost and environmental perspective, reusable underpads can be washed and reused to save money and to prevent additional landfill waste.
  3. Popular with homecare professionals as an easy and convenient option, disposable underpads do the job, and can be tossed in the trash when needed – good disposable underpads can be used multiple nights if kept clean and dry.
These are our Parentgiving Picks for Top Performing Chux and Underpads:

  • Top Pick - Mattress Waterproof Pad - Reusable
  • Starting at:
  • Top Pick - CareFor Deluxe Waterproof Bed and Chair Pads
  • Starting at:
  • Top Pick - Ultrasorbs Air-Permeable SuperDry Underpads by Medline
  • Cases starting at:
  • Top Pick - Attends All-in-One Breathable Underpad
  • Starting at:
  • Top Pick - Tranquility Select Disposable XL Underpad
  • Starting at:
  • Top Pick - Prevail Night Time Heavy Absorbency Underpads
  • Starting at: