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Bedroom Accessories

Freeship Bedboards, book and beverage holders, in-bed bathing system, fall pad, specialty pillows and more make being in bed more comfortable. Read our Buyers Guide for help finding the right product.

Blanket Support & Sheet Holder

PG#: 00001v642028     By: Briggs

Adjustable height blanket support & sheet holder by Mabis DMI.



    Supra DPS Mattress

    PG#: 00003vMDT24SUPRADPS     By: Medline Industries

    Pressure relief mattress with some of the most advanced technology available.



      Goose Neck Exam Lamp

      PG#: 00006v13405     By: Drive

      Goose neck style exam lamp with dome style shade.


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        Compressed Bed Wedge Cushion by Drive Medical

        PG#: 00006vRTL1490COM     By: Drive

        Designed to elevate and support the neck as well as help alleviate respiratory conditions.


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          ReliaMed Home Care Bariatric Bed-in-a-Bag

          PG#: 00001vZR661BBBCB     By: Reliamed

          ReliaMed Home Care Bed-in-a-Bag, Bariatric. Includes bottom sheet, flat sheet, pillow casae and 100% cotton thermal blanket. Bariatric 52" x 80" x 12"


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            EZ-Access Inflatable Bath Tub

            PG#: 000028vB1000

            Inflatable Bath Tub is a heavy-duty inflatable bathtub designed for use in bed. Designed for convenient in-bed bathing

              was $333.32


              Motion Activated Bed Light Deluxe-Dimmable Dual Sensor by mylight.me

              PG#: 00002v19067     By: Complete Medical

              The bed light Dual Sensor has 2 sensors gives you comfort and safety of having your floor illuminated as soon as you get out of bed with 10 feet of lights.



                Motion Activated Bed Light with Dimmable Single Sensor by mylight.me

                PG#: 00002v19068     By: Complete Medical

                The single sensor bed light will certainly give your room a distinctive professional design as well as the practicality, light when you only need it.



                  Motion Activated Closet Light w/Single Sensor Dimmable by mylight.me

                  PG#: 00002v19069     By: Complete Medical

                  Our closet light will allow you to effectively illuminate your closet space making your morning dressing routine a real pleasure without having to find your way around in the dark.



                    HealthSmart Cooling Aid PolarMat

                    PG#: 000041v619-7100-0001

                    The cooling aid polarmat keeps you cool while sleeping or sitting by absorbing heat from your body to cool you down by 3 to 5 degrees.

                    • Product Type: Lower Body Relief
                    • Size: Large



                    Healthsmart Side Sleeper Pillow

                    PG#: 000041v554-9000-0000

                    The unique side sleeper pillow provides better neck support for side sleeprs, also great for sleeping on the back

                      was $61.10


                      Hermell Convoluted Eggcrate Mattress Pad

                      PG#: 00001vHFCP5326     By: Hermell Products Inc

                      Hermell Convoluted Eggcrate Mattress Pad adds a comfortable layer to any sleeping surface.


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                        Medline Soft-Fit Knitted Contour Sheets

                        PG#: 00003vMDTDEALERPK1     By: Medline Industries

                        Medline Contour sheets include spandex to provide even better fit with a dimension of 84"L by 36"W



                          Bed Made EZ® Mattress Lifter by Windsor Direct

                          PG#: 000018vCBE11151     By: Cadence Keen Innovations

                          Lift mattresses safely with a minimum of effort!



                            DMI Long Handle Call Bell

                            PG#: 000041v640-5401-0000     By: DMI

                            Steel call bell delivers a loud, clear ring for those who are bed ridden and may need assistance

                              was $33.32


                              Bean Bag Lap Desk - Lap Tray

                              PG#: 00002v1926     By: Complete Medical

                              Portable lap tray that is ideal for eating, writing or a laptop computer. Adjustable from flat to 20 degree angle.



                                Folding Gatch Type Bed Board

                                PG#: 00002v2051A     By: Complete Medical

                                Provides maximum support yet convenient to handle. Folds down into four 15 inch sections. (Twin & Double sizes)



                                  SAFE-T-POLE System by Medline

                                  PG#: 00003vG98120P     By: Medline Industries

                                  The SAFE-T-POLE, a floor-to-ceiling pole that safely assists standing, sitting, climbing stairs, or transferring.

                                  • Attributes and Features: Adjustable Length
                                  • Rail Finish: White Rails
                                  • Brand: Medline
                                  • Rail Height: 7' 8.25" - 8' 2.5" Feet



                                  DMI 4-Ply Quilted Reusable Underpad 28" x 36"

                                  PG#: 000041v560-7058-0000

                                  4-ply quilted underpad top layer removes moisture away from skin while the three layers of absorbent material give the consumer maximum protection.



                                    DMI Ortho Bed Wedge

                                    PG#: 000041v555-8071-0123     By: DMI

                                    Ortho bed wedge is a unique foam wedge design helps improve circulation while allowing the spinal cord to relax.

                                    • Size: 24"

                                    was $74.99


                                    Mattress Extender

                                    PG#: 00002v11007     By: Complete Medical

                                    Used to extend a mattress for the needs of a larger patient .



                                      Folding Bed Wedge by Drive Medical

                                      PG#: 00006vRTL3825     By: Drive

                                      Folding Bed Wedge is designed to support the neck as well to relieve discomfort from the back and neck. Really helps for sleeping with heartburn or acid reflux.


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                                        DMI Tapestry Protective Bed Pad

                                        PG#: 000041v560-7048-6600     By: DMI

                                        28" x 36" Tapestry bed pad with maximum absorption rayon layer

                                          was $46.65


                                          Bed Rail Foam Bumper Pads by Drive Medical

                                          PG#: 00006vM3800-72     By: Drive

                                          Side Rail bumper pads are an ideal choice for those at risk for entrapment or that have trouble staying In bed

                                          • Attributes and Features: Double Side
                                          • Rail Length: 31" and over
                                          • Usage Type: Fall Prevention
                                          • Brand: Drive
                                          • Rail Height: 18" and Under
                                          • Bed Size: King

                                          was $66.66

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