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Medline Wipes

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ReadyFlush X-Large Personal Wipes

PG#: 00003vMSC263800H
By: Readyflush

Adult-sized, flushable wipes by Medline. Extra large: 8 x 12 inches. Pre-moistened. (CASE: 9 packs of 60 wipes - 540 total wipes)

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ReadyFlush Biodegradable Flushable Wipes

PG#: 00003vMSC263810
By: Readyflush

ReadyFlush® is a flushable & dispersible, single patient use wet wipe made from hydraspun dispersible cloth fibers.


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Aloetouch Quilted Personal Cleansing Wipes- Softpack

PG#: 00003vMSC263625
By: Aloetouch

Aloetouch personal wipes feature a quilted texture ideal for everyday clean up and incontinence use.

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Medline Micro-Kill+ Disinfectant Wipes

PG#: 00003vMSC351210H
By: Medline Industries

Medline Micro-Kill+™ Wipes are EPA-registered as a disinfectant



ReadyFlush Protect Flushable Wipes with Dimethicone

PG#: 00003vMSC263811
By: Readyflush

ReadyFlush wipe with Dimethicone that is flushable, biodegradable, and fragrance free.


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NatureSoft Flushable Dry Wipes

PG#: 00003vNATURESOFT913
By: Naturesoft

Medline adds innovation to the dry wipe market with the first flushable dry wipe.

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Perineal Cold Packs by Medline

PG#: 00003vMDS138055
By: Medline Industries

Less bother for the patient and less labor for the nurse because the Perineal Cold Packs by Medline are highly absorbent so they don



Remedy Phytoplex Dimethicone Skin Protectant Wipes by Medline

PG#: 00003vMSC092508
By: Remedy

Pre-moistened cloths clean, moisturize and help protect the skin.


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