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Incontinence products for men and diapers for men

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Choosing The Best Incontinence Products for Men

Incontinence for Men the category was created and advanced by Kimberly Clark with their introduction and subsequent advances of Depend for Men and their latest incarnation of Depend Real Fit for Men. Kimberly Clark manufactures great products and we find the Depend for Men lines a good introduction to the category. However, our customers and clients cite Tena for Men as having equal or better quality with a lower per unit price and Prevail for Men as an everyday better value than the Depend products specific to males. In all of these models, more absorbent polymer is located to the front of the garment, while the sides are tapered with soft material to perform more like regular white underwear. Incontinence products designed for men generally work well for people who are active, are experiencing light or moderate incontinence or able to change a brief or pad as it gets soiled. They may not work as well for very severe incontinence or for overnight use if greater absorbency and other features are needed to keep elimination from waking you up.

Having confidence to continue to do what you have always done, even with the challenges of incontinence, is absolutely possible with the right product or mix of products to suit different needs at different times of the day and even during different activities.

For heavy incontinence, unisex products may be a more effective solution, especially for overnight use. Any product worn for a length of time will require good absorption all over – not just in the front. If you have heavy incontinence and are a side sleeper, consider the overall protection from our most absorbent, unisex products. These have stand-up cuff guards to prevent side leakage, plus extra absorbency throughout, important if you sleep on your back. For more, click here.

Whether the incontinence issue is slight leakage or full voiding, there are products that will enable you to continue to lead a dignified, comfortable and fulfilling life.


Depend for Men Fit-Flex Maximum Absorbency Underwear

PG#: 00005v1090313_PK

Built-in Ultra Absorb-Loc® protects right where men need it most, with worry free odor control.

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    Depend Real Fit Briefs for Men

    PG#: 00001v6950982

    New incontinence for men briefs designed by Depend to be their most underwear-like yet.

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      TENA for Men Protective Guards (Pads)

      PG#: 00005v465704_BG

      Incontinence pads designed especially for men. Offer features for a secure fit and additional comfort.

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        Depend Guards For Men

        PG#: 00005v764551_BG
        By: Depend

        Contoured design for a better fit. For light to moderate loss of bladder control. Two adhesive strips help hold guard in place.

        • Gender: Men
        • Product Type: Pads
        • Absorbency Rating: Heavy
        • Brand: Depend
        • Incontinence Type: Urinary

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        Prevail Male Incontinence Guards

        PG#: 00005v537655_PK

        Designed especially for men, these guards feature a cup-like shape. A full-length adhesive strips keeps it securely in place.


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