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5 Essential Tips for Buying and Using Incontinence Products

By Sarah Johnson

These 5 tips from the Parentgiving Team on buying and using incontinence product are a great way to help you get started.

  1. Go Super-absorbent for nighttime and overnight use
    • Super-absorbent overnight adult diapers/briefs/underwear can absorb A LOT of urine output. Most of these products have a superabsorbent core that pulls voids away from the skin — so the user feels dry and can sleep comfortably without a nighttime change. Sleep for the user and caregivers is paramount and this phenomenon has been borne out of necessity for those aging in place. Even assisted living facilities and institutional settings are looking at this phenomenon and re-thinking their "check and change every 3 hours" processes. See our most popular overnight products here.
  2. A re-usable underpad (or chux) can and should be used as a backup plan
    • Leaks do occasionally happen, so an underpad as a barrier of last resort can be mean much less laundering of sheets for those bedridden. Underpads with "flaps" are a preferred choice here as they can be "tucked" and will stay in place better.
    • Many customers use underpads on recliners, sofas, and even cars — just in case. Being able to wash the underpad ultimately saves money and they are relatively cheap. See our most popular reusable underpads here.
  3. Reoccurring leaks are not normal
    • Leaks overnight or while clothed really should NOT be happening. We find "FIT" to be the most important factor in incontinence brief/underwear efficacy. First ensure the product fits the user's largest measurement of hip or waist — the manufacturers all have different sizing for Medium, Large, XL, XXL — so take a measurement, and try various brands. Some work better than others, some cost more than others — we can help you find that optimal balance of performance and value. See our sample offerings here.
  4. Booster Pads are becoming an increasingly popular choice
    • Booster pads are essentially an extra layer of super absorbent polymer or fluff. They allow flow-thru of liquid and are used in conjunction WITH a diaper/brief/underwear. We see them being employed in two ways: 1) the booster can be direct applied to a Male user's anatomy as an immediate flow blocker and 2) Booster pads are used for overnight use to bolster the absorption capacity of "value" briefs. See our most popular booster pads here.
  5. If suffering from Stress Incontinence (leaks) or Overflow Incontinence (dribbles), consider Incontinence Pads instead of diapers/briefs/underwear
    • Incontinence pads come in many forms: Male Guards, Bladder Pads, other. Essentially, an Incontinence Pad is absorbent pad with an impermeable backsheet that is used inside of underwear. Incontinence pads can be easily changed out as needed, and because they use less material — they are extremely cost effective. See our most popular incontinence pads here.

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Sarah Johnson

Aging in Place Expert
Sarah Johnson is an Aging in Place Expert with extensive experience helping seniors remain independent and comfortable in their homes. She has specialized knowledge of how to help elderly individuals stay healthy, safe, and happy as they age. Sarah is passionate about providing quality care for aging adults, allowing them to remain in their homes and enjoy the highest quality of life.