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What Is a Booster Pad and How Is it Used?

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Tired of incontinence products that leak or do not provide suitable absorption without becoming embarrassingly bulky? Booster pads may be an option that can provide you the extra protection you need with comfort and provide you an increased quality of life which will allow you the peace of mind to enjoy the activities you love – worry-free!

Millions of people around the world suffer from some degree of incontinence, and these issues are not limited to seniors.

Dealing with this problem can have a major impact on an individual’s quality of life - shattering self-confidence, causing some people to avoid physical activity which they formerly enjoyed, and even having a negative influence on others’ sex lives.

The embarrassment associated with this affliction and feelings that a person doesn’t fit in with others can cause isolation and even anxiety and depression. Men, in particular, may refuse to share their concerns or seek help.

While there are adult incontinence products available, they may be particularly inconvenient because they may not be equal to the task of containing the quantity of leakage. Even if they do, they can require frequent changing which forces the wearer to stop what they are doing and deal with the situation.

However, there is a solution that can improve these circumstances and provide added protection while extending the uninterrupted time you can spend doing the things you love.

That solution is the best booster pads for adults, a revolutionary product which is also known by the nickname “doublers” or “inserts”.

What Are Booster Pads?

Booster pads are supplemental products intended to increase the absorption of an outer adult incontinence brief or underwear. While not intended to be used on their own, they are absorbent pads that provide a “boost” to the functionality and effectiveness of an absorbent garment.

Adding a booster pad to an existing product can add up to 20 ozs more absorption capacity, which can provide hours of additional wear time without requiring a change. That means you can continue with your life without having to stop frequently to deal with the hassle of product replacement.

These boosters are perfect for preventing leaks and reinforcing the outer garment to ensure that it holds up better and for a longer period of time.

Tired of suffering nighttime leaks or having to change during the middle of the night? Boosters can provide you with the additional protection you need to comfortably get through the night.

They also work to reinforce coverage for side sleepers, shoring up the sides of protective garments to ensure that there are no leaks resulting from this positioning.

What’s more, as long as they are placed properly within the outer garment so that they do not extend beyond its protective influence, booster pads can be doubled up for twice the absorption and leak prevention.

That means even the significantly cheaper, less absorptive incontinence supplements can be reinforced to provide significantly better protection at a price that will also boost the money in your bank account.

A month’s worth of booster pads, used in conjunction with existing, lesser absorbent underwear, can be far cheaper than upgrading to a super absorbent incontinence product intended for 24-hour care.

Even if your incontinence garment of choice manages to perform the job, a booster pad can provide you greater peace of mind knowing that in a worst-case scenario, you have extra protection to ensure that you will not suffer any adverse effects.

Who Should Use Booster Pads?

Booster Pads can be beneficial to anyone who suffers some form of incontinence or even people who do not suffer regular incontinence but fear a specific situation where they may have a need for extra protection, such as intense laughing sessions, significant coughing fits, or a sequential series of powerful sneezes.

Here are some other situations where users may find added use for supplemental booster pads:

  • Those who travel frequently - The pads can be lifesavers in situations where the user is on a long journey without many opportunities to stop to change the primary garment. Not only can the booster prolong the life of the outer product, but the boosters can be easily slid out of the garment and replaced before maximum absorption to ensure that the outer garment will not require changing at all.
  • Deep sleepers - Whether due to deep sleep or simply enjoying the ability to enjoy a long, restful sleep, booster pads can ensure that you are good to go whatever the situation. The many benefits of these pads and their placement options provide a variety of helpful features for overnight care.
  • Seeking leak protection - Whether this has to do with positioning or simply frustration dealing with ineffective incontinence protection, the boosts can ensure that you do not suffer leaks, even while sleeping on your side. Versatility is one of the major benefits of these pads.
  • To help save money - If you need added protection to supplement your usual outer protection, the booster pads provide an affordable option to extend the life of your product without having to pay the significant price rise which typically correlates with higher absorption products.
  • Bowel incontinence - These absorptive boosters are useful in the event of bowel incontinence as they not only offer extra protection, but the ability to easily replace them is perfect for minor situations as they can protect the outer garment.

5 Reasons to Use a Booster Pad

While there are far more than 5 reasons why booster pads may be the choice for you, here are five pretty good ones:

  • Comfort - Assisted Living Facilities and families of these patients are insisting on the use of booster pads at night because they provide much more comfort for their loved ones, while also preventing the necessity of having to buy overnight briefs only to find them used only for light incontinence during the day.
  • Versatility - The boosters can be easily replaced, doubled up, placed to prevent leaks when resting in different positions, and can even be applied directly to or around the penis for males who leak at night to redirect urine into the outer garment to prevent that leakage.
  • Added Protection - This product has the power to transform an average, cheap adult protection garment or diaper into a super soaker, capable of hours of additional protection and facilitating successful overnight use.
  • Affordable - A value-conscious alternative to upgrading to a higher absorption product, booster pads can save a significant amount of money to help stretch a budget so you can live more comfortably, both financially and because of the comfort of the pads themselves.
  • Peace of Mind - Can you place a specific value on being able to do the things you love and go where you want to go without having to worry about embarrassing leaks or having to constantly replace your outer garment? The peace of mind and improvement to quality of life in itself is an amazing reason to try booster pads!

Who Shouldn’t Use Them?

While these products are amazing, remember that they are not intended to be used by themselves, but are a supplement for a more substantial incontinence protective measure.

While these pads can have an incredible variety of uses (some of which creative people might discover which has nothing to do with incontinence!), there are some situations where a person shouldn’t use the product.

  • All-in-One Protection - Again, these products are not intended to function by themselves, and anyone that tries to use them for this purpose is most likely going to be disappointed. If you want a single product, you will need to consider a different option.
  • Light Incontinence - For much the same reason as above, those with light incontinence may not find much use for booster pads since the minimal stand-alone products will more than likely prove sufficient to cover this level of protection. Since the booster isn’t intended to work alone, it will not provide the desired protection by itself.
  • Solo-Protection Advocates - Individuals who prefer a single product or prefer less bulkiness for their protection may prefer an absorption upgrade rather than the inclusion of booster pads.

How Do They Work?

To use a booster pad, strategically place the pad within existing protective underwear or tab-style diaper. Depending on the brand or variety, the product may have an adhesive strip to fasten the product securely to the outer product.

Urine flows into the booster pad, which will absorb 20 oz or more before allowing flow to pass into the outer garment. The pad plus the adult brief/underwear acts as a system to hold more urine than the garment itself can retain, extending the life and usefulness of the product.

Remember that you should never wear the booster pad by itself or only with underwear, as it is designed to allow urine to pass through once it has reached maximum absorption, allowing the outer garment to serve its function as well.

  • You should never wear other kinds of pads inside a pull-up or diaper with tabs. Since other kinds of pads do not allow liquid to pass through the pad into the next absorbent product, urine is trapped against delicate skin, which leads to leaks, rashes, and the breakdown of skin.

Booster Pad Features

There are different varieties of booster pad options available, some of which come with differing features. Here are options you may encounter when exploring various types of booster pads.

  • Adhesive Backing - If security is a major concern for you, there are versions of booster pads that provide adhesive backing to provide added security to the product, fastening it to the outer garment itself to ensure that it remains solidly in place. This feature is more often found in smaller pads as the larger booster pads typically fit the length of your underwear, making them unlikely to have much in the way of wiggle room.
  • Shape Varieties - While there aren’t a wide variety of options in this sector, booster pads typically come in two different shapes.
    • Rectangular shapes are the most common and may resemble menstrual pads; they rest up and down the core of a pull-up or tabbed diaper.
    • Hourglass-shaped pads are contoured to accommodate plus-sized bodies and feature wide panels to cover the rear and belly, yet narrow at the legs to eliminate unnecessary bulkiness.
  • Length Options - Some booster pads feature longer or shorter lengths, intended for different styles of outer protective garments. The goal is to find a booster pad with an inch length that fits comfortably inside the pull-up, diaper, or brief option that you wear. If the pad pokes out of the sides, that is a leak risk you want to avoid.

Booster Pad Absorbencies

Booster pads can absorb between 17-23 ounces on average, depending on the size and length of the product. These pads can be doubled up to provide additional and custom amounts of additional absorbency.

Even if doubled up, these products require the use of that main protective garment or they will not function as intended. They are designed to allow fluid to pass through once the capacity is reached, and two of them will only prolong the inevitable.

Booster Pad Styles

Other than the standard booster pad, there are different styles available that provide a different experience. Here are some of those styles and the relevant details about each.

  • Scented Booster Pads - These pads offer the same absorption capability but come with an added bonus: special scenting which provides the pads with the smell of baby powder to help control odor and provide a pleasant smell in addition to fantastic protection.
  • Plastic Back Booster Pads - These are special absorption pads that are actually designed to be worn with regular underwear to offer light protection. Often paired with the adhesive feature to ensure the pad remains where it is more effective, these absorb significantly less than standard boosters
  • Contour Booster Pads - Designed to reduce the chance of leakage and provide proper coverage for different body sizes, these pads often come in an hourglass shape to provide greater comfort where needed and provide protection from urinary incontinence as well as fecal incontinence.
  • Cloth Booster Pads - These pads are actually made of cloth and are intended to be used with washable cloth diapers. Not only do they increase absorbency, but they reduce stains and can be washed and hung up to dry or machine dried on a medium setting.

Booster Pads for Women

Booster pads are designed for either gender, although the suggested placement is different for women. Rather than centering them, it is recommended that they are placed toward the back to accommodate female anatomy.

There are outer garments specialized for women, but as far as the pad itself, the placement and possible contour options can be most effective.

Booster Pads for Men

For men, the most effective pad placement is toward the front to accommodate male anatomy. At night, it can be beneficial to use a pad on or around the penis to prevent urine leakage by directing the fluid into the protective garment.

Also, placing pads along the edges can provide additional protection for nighttime leaks.

Choosing the Right Size of Booster Pad

If you experience leaks while using a booster pad, that is most likely the result of an incompatible size option. In other words, you need to find a size that is right for you.

You probably want to seek a larger size or perhaps try the contour size which provides a greater coverage area. This may solve your leakage problem.

If you find that you are having issues with the booster pad sliding about, you have a couple of options. You can try a larger size, which should keep the pad from slipping as they are designed to fit comfortably within underwear.

Otherwise, you may want to seek a booster pad that has the adhesive feature to secure the pad in place.

Also, remember that you can customize your absorption level by combining pads. This can be particularly handy if your secondary pad includes the adhesive feature, as you can secure this pad to the primary pad to secure both. Remember that you still need an outer protection method as these products will not perform by themselves.

How to Dispose of Booster Pads

Here are some tips to help you properly dispose of used booster pads and some advice on methods to avoid.

  • Disposable bags - If you’re looking for a convenient method that is cost-effective to dispose of your booster pads, disposable bags are the way to go. You can either purchase bags (some of which come with scent options) or simply reuse plastic shopping bags from the grocery store. Simply place a single used product within a plastic bag and tie it off tightly to prevent odors, then deposit it in your trash.
    • Disposable bags also make a fantastic solution when on the go, when you need a method to temporarily dispose of your used protection. Since you can tie them off tightly, it will prevent odors from escaping and will travel well until you can properly dispose of them.
  • At-home Disposal - If price isn’t a major factor, there are actually at-home disposal units that are designed for adult incontinence products. They have advanced locking features which seal in odors, preventing them from causing unpleasantness within the disposal area. These devices offer hands-free disposal and some are even large enough to contain up to 35 adult-sized briefs, so they should be able to contain quite a few boosters and outer garments.
  • Warning - Do not try to dispose of booster pads or other incontinence protection by flushing them down the toilet. Remember that these products absorb water by design and doing so can cause them to clog pipes which can cause expensive plumbing issues. Avoid doing this at all costs!
  • Recycle Bins - Keep in mind that not all incontinence products are recyclable due to the variety of materials used to ensure that they work effectively. Before you place these items in recycle bins, make sure you research your specific product to make sure that this is a viable option.

Are Booster Pads Covered by Medicare?

Unfortunately, Medicare will not provide any coverage to help with the expense associated with incontinence-related products. You will have to cover these products yourself.

However, if you have Medicaid, depending on the state and severity of the condition, you may be able to find at least partial coverage. Investigate your state’s guidelines and options to see if you can receive assistance that can save you money.

How to Find the Right Booster Pads

  1. Your primary consideration is the features that you need. If you are looking for advanced coverage, you might consider the hourglass shape which is contour fitted. If you are wanting to guarantee that the product does not shift around when you’re wearing it, the adhesive option is probably going to be a top choice for you.
  2. Take into account the amount of absorption that you are going to need. The different sizes can provide additional absorbency, so if you need extra protection, go with a larger size. You may also choose a combination of sizes since you can always double up the product to customize your coverage and absorption options.
  3. If you’re not sure and you want advice, the experts at Parentgiving.com can help you. They are even offering a free 15-minute consultation to help you determine which products are best for you.


Booster pads are ideal products thanks to their versatility and ability to provide extra protection, while also maintaining a comfort level that limits the bulkiness which extra absorption usually requires.

As an affordable option to buying higher absorption options, these pads are easy to use, simple to place, and can quickly be changed and replaced as needed. They are great options for traveling and are the ultimate choice for overnight protection as they can be placed for maximum effectiveness while also facilitating absorption levels which not only prevent leaks but extend outer garment life for four hours or longer!

Multiple features and sizes ensure that you can find a product that is comfortable and sized just for you, whether through contour technology or adhesive which makes sure that the product remains exactly where you need it without uncomfortable slippage.

They are designed to provide excellent protection for either gender, providing exceptional protection simply by placing the booster in a place that facilitates efficiency depending on user anatomy.

Regardless of your needs, a lone booster or dual combination can provide exactly the amount of protection you need without unnecessary encumbrance.

What are you waiting for? Improve your quality of life today with these state-of-the-art boosters. Spend more time the way you want to spend it, not tethered to constant interruptions to change your protection. Booster pads allow you to do the activities you love with a peace of mind you haven’t been able to experience before . . . until now.

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