Chux Pads: What are They & How are They Used?

What are Chux Pads & How are They Used?

Chux, often known as disposable bed pads, have been around for a while.  Unscrupulous low-care nursing homes would line the bed of a disabled person with CHUX and let them wallow in their waste, replacing CHUX as needed.  In fact, CHUX is a last-resort barrier for those who are bedridden or nighttime leakers. If anything, CHUX has had some unsavory applications.  Chux, also known as disposable bed pads, are becoming less and less useful in the world of current incontinence goods, but they can still be utilized in the correct circumstances. Chux pads provide a protective layer between individuals and the furniture they’re on when dealing with episodes of incontinence.

What Are Chux Pads?

Chux pads are simply disposable underpads or bed pads with absorbent top sheets used to protect bedding or furniture from urinary incontinence. These waterproof layers can be placed on a surface to provide protection against wetness and staining. They're available in a range of sizes and thicknesses, including light absorbency, moderate absorbency, and heavy absorbency, to meet various needs.

Why are They Called Chux Pads?

Chux pads were first introduced by hospitals in the 1950s and 1960s. They were also sometimes referred to as chucks pads as they were simply "chucked" in the garbage after use, giving rise to the term "Chux" pads.

What Are Chux Pads Made Of?

Chux pads are typically constructed of a plastic backing and a soft absorbent material on the top layer. This can range from quilted cotton to fluff pulp to cloth-like material, depending on the pad's intended use. The bottom side of the pad is usually non-skid for added security.

Common Uses for a Chux Pad

Chux pads are commonly used in a variety of situations to help manage daytime or overnight incontinence. They are often used to protect furniture, including mattresses, chairs, wheelchairs, and more.

Pros and Cons of Chux Pads

Like any incontinence product, there are benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the pros and cons of Chux pads:


  • Easy to use and dispose of
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Inexpensive


  • Not as absorbent as other products on the market
  • Must be changed frequently
  • Can be a less than dignified experience for the incontinence sufferer

Features of the Best Chux Pads

When you’re looking for disposable incontinence bed pads, these are the features you should look for:

  • Variety of Sizes: It’s important that the pad you use is large enough for the surface it’s being placed on.
  • Absorbency: You can purchase Chux pads that range from light absorbent to super absorbent.
  • Odor Control: When it comes to incontinence, managing odor is key.
  • Breathability: A breathable pad will help to reduce skin issues that can cause discomfort for elderly individuals. When using Chux, typically the user is bedridden. Every application of incontinence products should consider breathability for these most fragile users with fragile skin. Once skin breakdown occurs, it can be a dogged and painful condition.
  • Tuckable Wings: Tuckable wings can be tucked into the space between the mattress and bedspring to hold the Chux in place, especially useful for overnight use and for users who move a lot overnight.

Our 3 Best Chux Underpads for Incontinence in 2024

At Parentgiving, we've researched and tested a wide variety of Chux pads to help you find the best ones for your needs. Our top picks include:

  • Tranquility Air Plus Underpad
  • When the pad is either wet or dry, the design permits increased airflow. By enabling air to circulate, a back sheet that resembles cloth lowers heat retention, keeping skin cool, dry, and comfortable. It’s made with a non-woven face extended to the edge of the pad to encourage better skin.

    “Best underpad I have come across. I urge anyone to try the product. You will never buy any other.” - Dan, Parentgiving Customer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Ultrasorbs Advanced + Premium Underpads by Medline
  • While the innovative thermo-bonded SuperCore wicks moisture away from the skin and locks fluid away for greater patient dignity and better skin protection, the air-Permeable, moisture-proof back sheet offers superior skin dryness and comfort. It has exceptional absorbency; one Ultrasorbs AP has three or more typical underpads' worth of absorbency. The high-strength pad and film also offer remarkable tearing resistance. Additionally, the underpad ensures excellent odor control. These dry pads control severe cases of bowel, overflow, and transitory incontinence. They are appropriate for incontinence involving large amounts of urine and feces. Products in this category should be considered by heavy wetters.

    “Best pads around. Found out about these from one of my mom's hospital stays..” -Mary L., Parentgiving Customer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Prevail Night Time Heavy Absorbency Underpads
  • Prevail ultra-absorbent underpads offer an additional layer of defense against spills on mattresses, chairs, and other furniture. To effectively protect mattresses, linens, chairs, and other surfaces, they offer a moisture-proof barrier and a super absorbent layer to instantly pull and lock up liquid. It has an Integra Mat or bonded construction that lessens top sheet separation and clumping for increased comfort and skin health. It has an extremely strong construction that resists stretching and ripping even when wet.

    “Very absorbent. No leaks onto the bed linen.” -Margaret, Parentgiving Customer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Where to Buy Chux Pads

    Parentgiving offers high-quality, disposable Chux pads in a variety of sizes and absorbency levels. These incontinence products are designed to maximize absorbency, durability, and comfort for any incontinence need. Shop now to find the perfect Chux pad for your needs.