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Freeship Something as simple as bending over can be a real pain for senior independent home living. Shop our collection of reachers & grabbers for your mobility needs.

Dragon Reacher by Nova

PG#: 000021vD-24     By: Nova

The Nova Dragon Reacher by Nova can retrieve items up to 2.5 pounds. Its lightweight, ergonomic includes a jaw that rotates 360 degrees.

was $37.49


PikStik® Pro Reacher

PG#: 00001vPKSP321     By: Pikstik

A patented, lightweight multi-purpose reacher designed to all tasks.



was $31.98

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Folding Reacher by Nova

PG#: 000021vFR-32     By: Nova

The Folding Reacher by Nova has a lightweight, ergonomic design and has the ability to rotate 360 degrees and trigger that multiplies grip strength.



Door Knob Extender

PG#: 00002v10653     By: Complete Medical

DOOR KNOB EXTENDER provides extra leverage for people with limited hand function.



Lifestyle Essentials Folding Hand Held Reacher

PG#: 00006vRTL5022     By: Drive

Hand held reacher that folds flat for easy portability and storage.


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PikStik Pro Reacher by Nova

PG#: 000021vP-261     By: Nova

The PikStik Pro Reacher by Nova has an ergonomic, lightweight design with a jaw that rotates 360 degrees and patented trigger that increases strength.



HealthSmart 32" Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip

PG#: 000041v640-1764-0623     By: Healthsmart

32 inch reacher has magnetic tip to help pickup lightweight metal. Great option for those in need of grip help.

was $37.49


HealthSmart 26" Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip

PG#: 000041v640-1764-0621     By: Healthsmart

26" Aluminum reacher is ideal for a person with limited reaching potential. Comes with serrated jaw that offers more secure grip.

was $39.99


HealthSmart Adjustable Length Reacher

PG#: 000041v640-1800-0000     By: Healthsmart

Adjustable healthsmart reacher gives the patient more freedom to reach and grab items.