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Air Freshner & Odor Control

A large selection of the best odor eliminator sprays, body cleansers & lotions, room cleaners and more for odor removal. Great for urine odor removal. Read our Buyers Guide for help finding the right odor eliminators.
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Medi-aire® Biological Odor Eliminator

PG#: 00001v577018A
By: Medi-Aire

Eliminates unpleasant odors and rejuvenates the air.

was $19.99

In Stock


Holister M9 Odor Eliminator Spray

PG#: 00001v507734
By: M9

Effectively and safely eliminates room odors.

was $12.84

In Stock


CarraScent Odor Eliminator by Medline

PG#: 00003vCRR107010H
By: Carrascent

Effective odor eliminator that combines with odor molecules to remove odors resulting from necrotic tissue, urine or feces.


In Stock


Arm & Hammer Air Freshener Liquid Can

PG#: 00005v798424_EA
By: Arm & Hammer

Instantly deodorizes with a light scent in an easy-to-use aerosol


In Stock


FDS Feminine Deodorant Spray

PG#: 00005v1068625_EA
By: Emerson

FDS Deodorant Provides all-day freshness

was $13.32

In Stock


Citrus II Germicidal Cleaner & Deodorizer

PG#: 00001vBP33712927
By: Citrus Ii

Germicidal Cleaner & Deodorizer. 22 oz. spray.

was $19.99

In Stock


Hex-On® Odor Antagonist

PG#: 00001v627583
By: Fresh Linen

Hex-On® Odor Antagonist controls airborne odors.

was $11.99

In Stock


Beaumont Products All Natural Air Freshener

PG#: 000030vBEA1017OZ
By: Beaumont Products

Fresh, all-natural way to eliminate tough odors on contact 100%


In Stock


m9™ Odor Eliminator

PG#: 00001v507715
By: M9

Odor Eliminator: No perfume. No masking. No silver nitrate.

was $13.32

In Stock


Adapt Lubricating Deodorant

PG#: 00001v5078500
By: Adapt

Lubricates inside of pouch to avoid fecal matter sticking and to make emptying the pouch fast and easy.

was $33.32

In Stock

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Choosing The Best Odor Eliminators

One of the most distressing aspects of incontinence is the feeling of embarrassment it could cause. While adult incontinence briefs and pads can contain leakage and often have a urine odor remover built in, you might still worry about the odors associated with incontinence, especially since they can linger on your skin.

The best approach to urine odor removal is two part: using a skin cleanser that acts as an odor eliminator and using an additional specific product that’s a urine odor remover.

Body washes alone may not be enough to cleanse thoroughly. And because you may need to use a cleanser many times a day, you want one that is gentle yet formulated to do a effective job. Sensi-Care Perineal Skin Cleanser is a convenient, no-rinse cleanser designed to dissolve bladder and bowel residue while promoting odor elimination and remaining gentle to the skin, with no irritating film. Another choice is Sween Peri-Wash Perineal Cleansing No-Rinse Spray, an antiseptic cleanser and deodorizer with odor control. It re-moisturizes as it cleanses skin for gentle, continued comfort. Look for the words alcohol-free and pH balanced on the label of products you’re considering, and opt for dye- and fragrance-free cleansers to avoid any added irritation to delicate skin.

When choosing an actual odor eliminator, look for formulas that destroy odor rather than masking it—an ordinary room freshener often won’t do the job. One to try is Hex-On® Odor Antagonisthas been used in healthcare facilities for more than 30 years to successfully control airborne odors and leave a fresh linen scent. Its concentrated formula means one spray eliminates odors for hours in an average room. For a citrusy scent,  Citrus II Odor Eliminating Air Fragrance is a 100 percent natural citrus product that destroys strong odors instantly—in fact, it kills any airborne odor. It’s non-toxic, hypoallergenic and biodegradable, so it’s usually even safe for people with asthma and allergies. Another option is the CarraScent Odor Eliminator by Medline which eliminates malodors by removing them from the air rather than masking them with chemical fragrances.

Preventing Odor Problems

If you or a loved one has incontinence problems, you might also have odor problems as well. Of course, one way to help deal with this is to keep it very clean. But, there are some other ways of dealing with odor as well.

One thing you can do is to make sure you drink enough water. Get hydration from your drinks and food. It's tempting to drink less water in an attempt to avoid leaks, but this can actually cause an increase in unpleasant odors due to the urine being more highly concentrated. So try to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day which should decrease the urine's odor.

Another thing that can help with odor especially when you're on the go is to take a bottle of odor eliminator to spray along. Make sure you get an odor eliminator instead of just an air freshener because the odor eliminator will actually eliminate the odor rather than just trying to cover it up. You can use this anytime you need it and you should be able to find a small bottle that's easy to carry.

It's also a good idea to keep up with laundering the clothing and the bedding of anyone with an incontinence problem even if you are using bed pads or diapers. It may not seem like there have been any leaks, but it can always happen and it's really best to regularly launder the clothing and the bedding. This will help to avoid any odor problems

Another thing you can do to avoid odors is to check the diapers, pull-ups, or pads you are using to make sure they contain odor-reducing material. This will help ensure that no odor will develop. It can also help to do something to keep the air in the room fresh. It helps to use odor neutralizer sprays to neutralize any urine odors, but it can also be nice to use incense or potpourri to just give the room a pleasant scent.

Eliminating Incontinence Odors in Clothing

One of the largest concerns many individuals suffering from incontinence have is the scent their clothing can retain. First of all, if clothing is accidentally exposed to any leaks and laundering is not immediately possible simply rinse the item thoroughly with water. Avoid any rubbing because this can cause stains to work in deeper.

Once you can launder the item it's time to consider how to prevent any odors from lingering and one great way to do this is to soak the item in a vinegar solution. A mixture of one part vinegar to three parts water can work wonders at removing urine odors.

For really strong smells rubbing baking soda into stains can help absorb odor-causing material and neutralize it. Afterward, simply rinse the item off in lukewarm water and launder it with detergent as you normally would. This should remove any remaining odor-causing material so you can enjoy your everyday life without worrying about lingering smells.