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Depend Diapers, Underwear, & Briefs

Depend Diapers, Underwear, & Briefs

Depend Briefs

Depend briefs are for the active lifestyle. Comfortable and dependable. Product ...

Depend for Women

Depend brand incontinence for women: underwear and briefs.

Depend for Men

Depend brand incontinence products for men: briefs, underwear & male guards.

Depend Underwear

Depend adult underwear keep incontinent adults dry, healthy and comfortable.

Depend Diapers, Underwear, & Briefs

A pioneering brand in the world of adult incontinence, Depend (not "Depends" as some are wont to say) remains a popular choice for incontinent adults. Introduced over forty years ago in 1984, Depend was/is synonymous with the phrases "adult diaper" and "adult incontinence", and for the uninitiated, Depend is often the first product sought in addressing adult incontinence. Read More

A Known Leader
Depend is manufactured and marketed by Kimberly-Clark Corporation, and is sold extensively through Mass Merchandisers (the marts) and chain drugstores. Parentgiving carries Depend incontinence products due to its brand recognition, but also because the products are highly rated by our customers who use them. Are Depend products the most absorbent or highest rated or best value? No — on all fronts. But Depend underwear and briefs are consistently highly rated, and the brand continues to evolve in terms of innovation and gender specific iterations of its best-selling products.

Comfort and Convenience
The Depend line of protection products are made with comfort and convenience in mind. They are discrete and allow you to carry them with you in your car, purse, or briefcase. They do not bunch or gather under clothes, fitting just like real underwear, and are breathable. Over time, Depend diapers have evolved into more gender specific versions of incontinence products.

Depend for Ladies includes:

  • Depend Silhouette Briefs for Women - Looks, fits, and feels like real underwear
  • Depend for Women Underwear - With FIT-FLEX Protection
  • Depend Adjustable Underwear - Ability to adjust the fit
  • Depend Protection with Tabs - More tabs for more protection

Depend for Men includes:

  • Depend Real Fit Briefs for Men - Looks, fits, and feels like real underwear.
  • Depends for Men Underwear - With FIT-FLEX Protection
  • Depend Guards for Men - Protection that goes in your underwear
  • Depend Shields for Men - Another line of underwear protection
  • Depend Adjustable Underwear - Ability to adjust the fit
  • Depend Protection with Tabs - More tabs for more protection
Backed by a multi-million dollar advertising campaign exhorting users to "Drop their Pants for Underwareness", Depend has signed on talkshow co-host / entertainer Sheryl Underwood and other minor celebrities for the campaign. Depend is determined to reposition itself from the original Depend diaper of old, and in its stead, promote gender specific products aimed squarely at the 65 million Americans who suffer from bladder leakage. Depend is also launching a line of Home Products known as Depend Seat Protectors and Depend Bed Protectors, but in our estimation, these products are a bit overpriced and oversold as glorified underpads or chux.

Parentgiving does not currently offer Depend Samples as part of its sampling program, but we do offer bag and case versions of Depend products.