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Bath Safety & Bathroom Safety Products

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Bariatric Bathroom Aids

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Bath Lifts

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Bathtub Safety

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Bathtub Transfer Benches

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Bathtub, Bathroom and Shower Grab Bars

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Commode Chairs

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Shower Safety

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Toilet Safety

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Floor-to-Ceiling Transfer Poles

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Shower Chairs, Bath Benches & Shower Benches

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Bathroom Safety

Does your home need a costly remodel to protect against bathroom accidents? Not at all! In many homes, a few key products, like a bathroom safety seat for the tub, strategically placed grab bars, non-slip mats and a raised toilet seat will do the job without an expensive remodel. For people who are still mobile, these often add a sense of security and make it easier to attend to the activities of daily living. Here's what to consider to increase bath safety:
  • Shower and Tub — strategically placed non-slip mats will help all household members move about more safely. Transfer benches allow those with limited mobility to enter and exit the tub in a safer seated position. Sturdy seats and benches using a hand-held shower head permit washing in a safe, comfortable position. Bath seat lifts help bathers easily transfer from outside the tub in a sitting position, lower them gently into a soothing deep soak and then lift them up again with a push of a button.
  • Toilet — toilet seat risers and safety frames make the painful chore of sitting down or standing up much easier and safer. There are regular or elongated styles to choose from, as well as those with attached or independent arms.
  • Commodes - 3 in 1 commodes can be used over the toilet as a safety frame and riser plus have the added bonus of easy removal by other member of the household. They are placed over your existing toilet with a splash guard which directs waste into the toilet. There are built-in arms for help in sitting or standing; some have removable arms for transferring from wheelchair to commode. They can also be removed and used in any other room of the house, like a bedroom, should the need arise, since they are not directly connected to the toilet. Rather than attaching the splash guard, in this instance, the commode bucket (with a liner for effortless disposal) is used. It is important to measure the area immediately surrounding the toilet to make sure the frame of the commode will fit.
  • Many of the products listed include bariatric models, for larger people who require a higher weight capacity.
Parentgiving Care Specialists are well versed in all products designed to make caregiving at home as safe and simple as possible. Call us to examine your individual needs inside and out of the bathroom.

ProBasics Transfer Bench

PG#: 00001vPMIBSTB

The ProBasics Transfer Bench helps make transfers in and out of the bathtub safer and more comfortable.

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Guardian Toilet Safety Rail

PG#: 00003vG30300H

Toilet safety handles and frame for helping with using the toilet.


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Drive Medical Non Slip Bath Mat - Large

PG#: 00006v12950

Non Slip, rubber mat with suction cups for the bathtub or shower.

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Sage Shampoo Cap Comfort Rinse-Free

PG#: 00005v370633_EA

Premoistened, fabric-lined cap Enriched with shampoo, conditioner, and detangler for clean, healthy hair


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Security Pole & Curved Grab Bar by Stander

PG#: 000025v1100W

Floor-to-ceiling, tension mount pole with grab bar. Rubber pads on top/bottom protect floor & ceiling. (Black or White)

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