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How to Measure for Adult Diapers and Pull-Ons

By Parentgiving Admin

Measure for Adult Diapers
Image credit: ThomasWolter / Pixabay
Does your loved one complain about their diaper leaking? It could be because they might be wearing the wrong size. To select non-leaking right fit diapers, you must know how to determine the correct size of the person you are looking for the diaper for.

About 200 million people are suffering from urinary incontinence. To fulfill their needs, adult diapers and pull-ons are available in different sizes and absorbencies. However, choosing the correct adult diaper can be a little challenging for most of us. This piece will discuss the essential considerations required to select the right product for your loved one’s comfort.

Adult Diapers for Men and Women

Are you looking for the perfect-sized diaper for someone suffering from urinary incontinence? If yes, you may need to consider various factors while selecting a comfortable product. One of these factors is gender. Don’t forget that men and women are born with different anatomies and manufacturers design adult diapers accordingly, although you may find unisex products too. So, choose one that would be the best fit.

Parentgiving.com offers a variety of adult diapers. However, you must go through these tips to select the right product.

  • Comfort- Comfort should be your first priority when choosing an adult diaper as you have to wear it for extensive periods.

  • Change frequently- If you observe that you need to change the diaper more frequently, go for a more absorbent one.

  • Snug- One of the most important aspects while buying an adult diaper is snug. Note that too much tightness can cause discomfort and nasty infections. Whereas, diapers that are too loose will result in leakages.

  • Secure Side Tabs- if your loved ones complain about undone side tabs while sitting then you may need a bigger size.

Before buying an adult diaper, let’s look into some common myths to avoid getting an unsatisfactory product.

  • Bigger diapers are better- There is a group of people who believe that bigger diapers are better absorbents than smaller ones. That’s not true. For instance, an XL and XS would have similar absorbance. The technology of wicking will keep you dry and comfortable by absorbing the liquid on your skin.

  • Loose is Okay- Loose diapers can be embarrassing. Urine can leak out from gaps between the legs and diaper linings. Pass your finger between the gaps to check for the perfect snug.

  • Doubling up- Some of you may find that doubling up diapers with liners as a solution to extra leakage. However, that is may not be ideal. Liners can lead to more leakages. Manufacturers design liners for regular underwear with an adhesive strip. For adults who use pull-up style underwear, liners may not work.

  • Overnight use of diapers can stain bed sheets- Many people believe that using a diaper overnight can stain sheets or mattresses. However, that’s not true. Products of high quality and high absorbance can protect bed sheets from getting stained.

  • Skin problems, Infections, and Odors- Skin problems, infections, and odors are not an issue with most modern diapers. Nowadays, most products are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and odor-free.

Adult Diapers-Measuring Guide

Most products come with size charts but to follow them, you need to determine the wearer’s height and width. You can start by measuring your waist at your belly button and record your measurement. The second step is to stand with your feet together, measure the fullest part of your hips and record the measurements.

Compare both of your measurements, take the smaller number as the product size. However, if there is a significant difference between the measurements, it would be best to measure again as too tight or loose can be quite uncomfortable.

Types of Adult Diaper

There are three types of adult diapers you can choose from and they are as follows:

  • Pull-ups

    This diaper type is similar to typical underwear and is made up of thin cloth-like material. Pull-up diapers can fit underpants or a dress. Plus they are ideal for people with mild incontinence.

  • Re-useable Diapers

    These diapers can be easily washed and worn again. They are made up of cloth with different absorbencies. You can choose such diapers if you have sensitive skin, mild or light incontinence.

  • Adult Briefs

    These kinds of diapers are extremely absorbent and can easily fit around your abdomen, crotch, and rear. What’s more, they have side tabs on both sides for a comfortable fit. They are made up of a thick core that wicks away the moisture or odor, making them favorable for adults who are disabled or bedridden.

Moreover, these diapers are made for people suffering from heavy incontinence and require assistance while changing.

The Best Fit

You must remember that excessively tight diapers can cause red marks or blood blockage, which is quite uncomfortable. The same goes with too loose-fitting. It’s quite embarrassing if liquid leaks out the gaps between the legs and diaper linings.

How to identify bad fitting?

Following signs indicate the product you chose may not be the best

  • Hindered measurements
  • Sagging waist
  • Extra loose leg cuffs
  • Tabs come undone

Check if the movement is hindered from the sides of the legs, waist, or any other areas. Although incontinence products must fit closely against your body, products that are too tight can cause a great deal of discomfort. Moreover, if you are experiencing frequent changes then go for a product that offers higher absorbance.

If you observe sagging waists, then go for a smaller size. Alternatively, you can also look for a snug waterproof cover. Besides, if the tabs remain undone, then you must look for a smaller size or just readjust the tabs.

Most of the people suffering from incontinence complain about getting leakages when sitting or laying. If this happens you must consider another product or try another adult diaper size.