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Adult Diapers - The Answer to COVID-19 Public Restroom Shortages?

By Amy Jones

You know the drill when you leave your house: Cell phone? Check. Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Face mask? Check. Sanitizer? Check.

The pandemic has changed even our most basic daily routines, and there may soon be another step to add to our outing prep — making sure we have our adult diapers.

Before you dismiss the idea, think of a time you really had to go. Now think of all the restrictions and procedures you have to follow anytime you go out in a pandemic. You really want to deal with all that if it’s an emergency?

I know that many of the places my family and I have ventured during the pandemic are places where public bathrooms used to be a given. Now, we aren’t sure what to expect.

From public parks to the nature trail down the street, places that offer a much needed sense of normalcy may be lacking the public restrooms we used to take for granted. Even places that are open may have closed their restrooms to the public to keep employees safer.

With not a port-a-potty in sight, many of us have nowhere to go and can get caught off guard if we aren’t prepared.

This idea hit home for me this past summer when the local drive-in theater finally opened with a few restrictions. My daughter and I planned a big Saturday-night outing, our first in months. Everything was going great. With popcorn, soda and candy in hand, we settled in to enjoy the beginning of the movie.

That is until my daughter had to go to the bathroom — bad (blame the Big Gulp). She donned her mask and went to find the restroom, but quickly realized it was closed due to COVID-19. There was nowhere close by to stop so we had to leave.

Our night was cut short. She was in tears and nearly peed in my car on the expressway.

While adult diapers aren’t Plan A or even Plan B, they can save you from the pain and embarrassment of being caught with no options. Had we lived a bit further, I am sure I would have been cleaning my passenger’s seat that night.

Especially for those of us who live with incontinence, or the inability to “hold it,” trying to find a bathroom when they are scarce is a nightmare.

Without public restrooms, knowing you have incontinence supplies ready such as adult diapers, overnight diapers, and incontinence underwear for teens can go a long way in letting you get back to normal life (as normal as it can be during a pandemic).

While it may seem like 2020 doesn’t have a lot of positives, it is a great time for incontinence products. Anyone who has used adult diapers or overnight diapers over the past decade knows they have come a long way.

Today’s incontinence products use technology that minimizes many of the negatives of wearing an adult diaper. The bulky, uncomfortable diaper you are imagining, in reality it’s not that noticeable even when full.

Even if you don’t deal with incontinence, adult diapers can still be a valuable backup. There are many risks associated with holding your urine for too long. Things like bladder infections, which can spread and lead to long-term or serious health concerns and reproductive issues if left untreated.

And consider that there is a good reason that public bathrooms are limited during this time. As COVID-19 continues to spread at a rapid rate, bathrooms pose a serious risk for spread.

Not to give anyone nightmares, but have you heard of toilet plumes? They are quite literally tiny droplets (which could contain COVID) released into the air when toilets are flushed. Public toilets, typically without lids, often leave no way for the user to contain said plume. Like many things during the pandemic, more research is needed to understand the risks.

As much as I don’t embrace the idea of using an adult diaper all the time, it sure beats walking into a COVID plume or developing serious health risks down the line.

So go ahead and stock up on adult diapers now. Because if there is one thing that 2020 has taught me, you can never be too prepared for what’s coming next.