Vive Health Care Gauze Roll 4"

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Package Size: Each
Size: 4"
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  • Ideal for securing bandages and wound dressings, the Vive Care sterile gauze rolls provide light compression to slow bleeding, create a barrier to keep injuries clean and free of debris and secures splints. 
  • Our 6-ply gauze rolls stretch and flex for easy application on any area, including the wrist, elbow, knee and ankle and will not limit your movement. 
  • Exceptionally lightweight, the latex-free gauze wrap is made with 100% cotton that can be trimmed to fit any application. The crinkle weave of the gauze improves absorption and improves breathability to promote natural healing while protecting the area from dirt and debris. 
  • Includes 12 sterile rolls that contain four yards of 4” gauze each to cover wounds, cuts and abrasions or secure wound dressings or splits. The individually wrapped gauze rolls make the perfect addition to any first aid kit at home, school or office. 
  • 4”x4.1yd (stretched length), 4”x  (unstretched length)
  • Material: 100% Cotton


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