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10 Must-Have Senior Travel Products for Your Next Trip

By Julie Davis

Whether you’re planning a two-week cruise or visiting out-of-town relatives for a few days over the holidays, senior travel can be great for the whole family. Traveling with an elderly loved one can be more than just manageable—you can all enjoy the time away from your usual routine. The secret to successfully traveling with a senior is taking along the equipment and daily living aids, usually in portable formats, that you depend on at home. Some versions are designed to fit flat in a suitcase to make bringing them even easier. Of course, these aids for seniors can also be ordered and shipped to your destination ahead of time.

Lightweight Transfer Chair with Hand Brake

"The wide array of daily living aids now available to seniors enables even those with limited mobility to travel more safely and comfortably than ever before,” explains Nathalie Kim of Carex, a global leader in the development, manufacturing and retailing of in-home, self-care medical products. “Our focus is every bit as much on quality of life as it is on quality of products, and so we've gone to great lengths to make certain seniors can rely on our products to help them enjoy the activities they've always enjoyed, including traveling. By planning ahead and bringing along such easy-to-transport items as support pillows, medication organizers, portable bath benches and lightweight walkers and totes, seniors can travel secure in their knowledge that they can stay independent and comfortable, even away from home.” 

10 Top Items For Senior Travel

Whether you’re planning a two-week cruise or visiting out-of-town relatives over the holidays, senior travel can be more than just manageable. With the right preparation, it can actually be enjoyable. From products to travel tips, we’ll provide everything you need to know to make your next trip more comfortable and convenient. 

10 Must-Have Senior Travel Products

From incontinence briefs to portable bed rails, below, we’ll outline 10 of the best items to bring with you on your next trip.

Foldable Travel Devices 

When it comes to senior travel, foldable travel devices not only make the trip easier for seniors, but they also help caregivers. Here are a few examples of some of the best foldable travel devices for your next trip:

Additionally, travel scooters and folding scooters can be an excellent option for on-the-go seniors during their trips. 

Neck Pillows 

Long flights and hotel transfers can be devastating for the body. Including a neck pillow in your travel plans can increase comfort and make the trip much smoother. The Comfort Touch Neck Support Pillow by Drive is specifically designed with neck ergonomics in mind, to help relieve the neck issues often experienced by older travelers

Further, the IMAK Happineck Support Pillow is another great option that’s soft, flexibly supportive, and durable enough to withstand long air travel and layovers.  

Pill Organizer

For most seniors, managing medical conditions is incredibly vital. Using a pill organizer can help ensure they keep track of their medication regimens and stay healthy for the trip. Some of the best pill organizers for senior travel include the: 

Disposable Underpads 

If you or your family member deals with incontinence, then disposable underpads provide a discrete and hygienic solution. Whether it’s for an airplane seat, a train car, or a hotel bed, a high-quality underpad offers absorbent protection for any type of furniture. Here are a few good options:

An Extra Bag And Set of Clothes in Case of Accidents 

Life is unpredictable, especially for seniors. That said, it’s usually in your best interest to pack an extra bag and set of clothes in your carry-on bag. Doing so can provide peace of mind when dealing with unexpected accidents.

Booster Pads

If you want to enhance incontinence protection during long flights and unbearable layovers, booster pads are the way to go. Products like Medline Double-Up Incontinence Liners and Dry Direct Ultimate Booster Pad offer additional absorbency and a comfortable fit for most people. These pads can help increase the capacity of your diaper and save the day when restroom trips are limited.

Disposable Wipes

A hallmark of senior care is hygiene, and disposable wipes offer a quick and convenient solution to help seniors stay clean and comfy throughout every trip. Some of the best disposable wipes for travel include: 

These disposable wipes offer a broad range of qualities to fit the travel needs of seniors, including larger sizes, gentle materials, and effective cleaning. 

Portable Bed Rail

A portable bed rail not only increases bed safety for older adults, but it also enhances overall accessibility when sleeping in unfamiliar environments. With that in mind, the Able Life Click-N-Go Extendable Bed Rail is stable, supportive, and easy to travel with. As another option, the Bed Rail Advantage Traveler by Stander includes a storage pocket that’s perfect for keeping medications, glasses, etc. within reach. 

Extra Diapers, Incontinence Pads, & Guards

Seniors managing incontinence need to be prepared for anything, which is why extra diapers, pads, and guards are absolutely essential during prolonged trips. Products like Dry Direct Super Overnight Underwear give seniors maximum protection and can be especially ideal when waiting in long lines and taking extended trips.  

Additionally, Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pad and Contour Pads are extra absorbent, while products like TENA for Men Protective Guards are specifically designed for the male anatomy, allowing for added comfort and discretion. 

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a must have when traveling. It’s a quick and easy solution to maintain cleanliness and hygiene for seniors. Some of the best hand sanitizers for senior travel include: 

These trusted brands are known for their effectiveness, moisturizing properties, and on-the-go usefulness. 

Additional Travel Tips For Seniors 

When traveling with seniors who have medical conditions, disabilities, or mobility issues, it’s essential to dot every “i” and cross every “t” before the journey begins. With that in mind, here are some key considerations and travel tips for senior travelers

  • Plan Ahead: Bring all important documents (i.e., passports, health insurance cards, emergency contact information, etc. Also, notify all healthcare providers of the trip prior to leaving. 
  • Get Travel Insurance: Travel insurance is absolutely necessary for senior travelers because unpredictable circumstances may arise at any time. 
  • Proper Medical Care: Ensure all vaccinations are updated and carry a list of medical conditions and medications. Further, talk to your physician about health conditions before taking long flights (i.e., blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, etc).
  • Airport/Airplane Comfort: An aisle seat can be especially helpful for seniors with mobility issues. Further, getting a TSA PreCheck can make airline travel for seniors much smoother. 
  • Smart Packing: Pack smart and pack light to ensure the luggage is easy to handle, which can save time, stress, and injuries. 

The key to a successful and memorable vacation for seniors is preparation and staying informed. For more information and solutions for managing incontinence during travel, check out our collection of adult diapers and incontinence products today. 

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