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Urinary Incontinence Treatments Beyond Adult Diapers

Urinary Incontinence can happen to many adults with plenty of different conditions and can occur even after childbirth. It occurs in approximately 16% of women under the age of 30, making it a normal thing that no one should be ashamed about. There are different techniques you can use to assist in treating incontinence.

There are different avenues to take to see if there is a reason behind the unwanted voiding.

  1. Urinalysis. This is a test that will require a sample of urine to check for infection, abnormalities or traces of blood.
  2. Bladder diary. For a few days, keep a journal of how much you are drinking, when you void, how much urine is produced, if you had the urge to void and how many incontinence episodes there were.
  3. Postvoid residual measurement. You will be asked to void into a container to measure urine output. Then through a catheter or ultrasound, your doctor will check the amount of urine left in your bladder. If there is a large amount of urine leftover in your bladder, there may be an obstruction or an issue with your bladder nerves or muscles.

Unwanted voiding could occur for a magnitude of different reasons. It’s always beneficial for you and your health to rule out any potential health concerns when it comes to experiencing voiding issues, but thankfully, there are plenty of adult incontinence products to help alleviate the frustration that comes along with it.

Dry Direct Ultimate Protective Underwear- These leak-proof diapers for adults are perfect for overnight and extended use. Dry Direct Ultimate Protective Underwear are 100% latex free and hypoallergenic, making them the optimal option for most anyone. They are soft, have leak guards and can hold up to 40 oz with rapid absorption, ensuring you stay dry when you need it the most.

TENA UltraFlushPersonal Wipes- Incontinence wipes like this brand are adult sized, pre moistened cloths designed for gentle cleansing. In the case of accidental flushing, they are easy on the pipes. They soothe the skin with aloe, chamomile and vitamin E, providing you with infection control with single wipe dispensing. These wipes are a great option to keep on the go for quick and convenient cleanup.

Flannel Face Waterproof Sheeting by Salk- Using an incontinence mattress cover overnight will give you peace of mind to get restful sleep, knowing your mattress is protected from any incidents. With this product, you will be enjoying the soft comfortable top with the waterproof rubber backing that provides the protection. This sheet is reusable, simply throw it through the wash for many uses.

Urinary incontinence can feel frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. Ease your mind by armoring up with products that help keep you protected from unwanted voids, and don’t let the incidents catch you off guard.

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