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Smart Strategies: Stopping Odor, The Real Cause of Embarrassment

By Sarah Johnson

When regular soap or a body wash are not enough, the answer might be a skin cleanser that also acts as an odor eliminator.

Let's address the often unspoken worry about incontinence—odor. While you want to avoid the embarrassment of a visible leak, there are excellent incontinence products that will effectively contain it, even bowel incontinence. The greater threat of embarrassment often comes from odor. It's not unusual to be more worried about the odors associated with incontinence than the incontinence itself, especially since it can be harder to smell odor on yourself. And it's often true that these odors can linger on your skin even after your incontinence product has been changed.

Cleansing with the right body products is essential, but regular soap or a body wash may not be enough. The answer is a skin cleanser that also acts as an odor eliminator. Many are available in small sized spray bottles and don't require water, making them easier to use, even when you're away from home. Just make sure to choose a gentle formula—no dyes, fragrances or alcohol, all of which could add to the irritation you might be experiencing.

Next, consider an odor eliminator spray that can be used on clothes and even furniture. You want a formula that says it destroys odor—you don't just want to cover it up with a scented freshener that will wear off. Look for non-toxic, hypoallergenic and biodegradable sprays that won't irritate skin or lungs or fabrics'many can be sprayed anywhere you think necessary to give you back your sense of security and keep your dignity intact.

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Sarah Johnson

Aging in Place Expert
Sarah Johnson is an Aging in Place Expert with extensive experience helping seniors remain independent and comfortable in their homes. She has specialized knowledge of how to help elderly individuals stay healthy, safe, and happy as they age. Sarah is passionate about providing quality care for aging adults, allowing them to remain in their homes and enjoy the highest quality of life.