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Guide to Selecting Bariatric Plus-Size Adult Diapers

Over 25 million Americans currently suffer from incontinence or loss of bladder control to some extent. Plus-sized or bariatric adult diapers are not always necessary for those who are obese and incontinent, however many people who weigh more than 250 pounds gain advantages from bariatric products. As people age, the population of the United States is getting heavier. Bariatric adult diapers for the obese and incontinent are one of the incontinence product market's fastest expanding categories since "fit" is important for an incontinence garment.

Bariatric diapers, also known as bariatric briefs, are adult diapers with tabs specifically designed for heavyset individuals. They normally fit people who weigh over 250 lbs. and have waist/hip measurements between 64" and 108". Bariatric diapers are normally available in sizes 2X–5X. A super absorbent core, elastic side panels, and other qualities make many bariatric briefs perfect for people who are overweight.

Adult diapers are a great solution for those who struggle with incontinence. However, plus-size wearers have to make a few extra considerations when choosing the right diapers.

What to Consider When Choosing Plus-Size Diapers

When selecting bariatric adult diapers for plus-size adults, these are the four factors to consider.

  • Right fit and size: Are you looking for 2X, 3X, or 4X? The right size is essential for preventing leaks and providing adequate coverage. Pro Tip: When looking for the right size, ensure it is snug around the waist and legs, with enough room to move around. You also don’t want gaps at the waist or legs. Plus apparel sizes do not always correspond to fit for incontinence items. Double-check with your waist and hip dimensions if you wear a 4X in your favorite t-shirt to ensure that a 4X adult diaper is the best fit.
  • Style of adult diaper: Are you looking for a pull-up, brief, unisex, refastenable, or tab closure for caregiver assistance? The style of the diaper will depend on what is most comfortable for the individual wearing it. Pro Tip: A 4X underwear style or higher has yet to be produced by any manufacturer. In the world of 4X sizing, tape-on style briefs are the only option. Bariatric adult diapers benefit from the inherent custom fitting choices in tape-on briefs (i.e., the ability to secure the tape for a better fit around the legholes or for the waist).
  • Level of absorbency: Do you need light or heavy absorbency? The level of absorbency is important to preventing leaks and ensuring adequate protection from embarrassment. Pro Tip: The best way to determine your absorbency needs is to assess how much liquid you typically produce. Additionally, individuals with heavier incontinence may require heavy absorbency diapers to properly contain the output.
  • Brand of plus-size diapers: Are you looking for a specific brand? Certain brands specialize in making adult diapers for plus-size wearers. Those brands may offer better options than brands that use generic materials or construction. Pro Tip: Look into reviews from customers who have bought the product to get a better idea of how it works and fits.

Top 5 Bariatric Diapers for Plus-Size Wearers

  1. Tranquility Air Plus Bariatric Disposable Stretch Briefs Heavy Absorbency:
    Latex-free, elastic side panels on the Tranquility XXXL Bariatric Disposable Stretch Briefs allow you to easily accommodate larger waist sizes (above 64 inches). The Peach Mat's absorbent center guards against irritation and manages odor. Additionally, the brief has Kufguards, re-fastenable tape tabs, and dual wetness indications to increase mobility and boost self-esteem.
  2. FitRight Baribrief Bariatric Adult Brief:
    Stretchable side wings on these bariatric adult diapers help to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The ultra-absorbent core and the blue dryness layer work to keep moisture from coming into contact with the skin. Dual-tape closures allow for multiple refastenings while a soft polyethylene back cover protects clothing from leakage. . For long-lasting protection, a high-capacity core with odor protection wicks away liquid to encourage dryness and support skin integrity.
  3. Tranquility Bariatric Incontinence Brief 3XL Heavy Absorbency:
    This full-fit brief has breathable stretchy side panels that comfortably fit up to a 96-inch waist. The peach absorbent core protects sensitive skin and guarantees skin dryness, odor reduction, and urine pH neutralization. Wide, micro-hook closure tabs grip the brief securely while still allowing for multiple openings. The brief also features dual wetness indicators, Kufguards (inner leg cuffs), and elastic leg gathers and has a 34 oz. absorbent capacity.
  4. TENA Bariatric Stretch Disposable Brief:
    These briefs include stretchy sides that allow for comfort, proper sizing, and a "stay in place" fit, plus they are completely permeable. Where extra protection is required, the blue target absorption zone locks in liquid. The fully breathable, soft, nonwoven backsheet keeps the skin's normal moisture level while allowing extra moisture to dissipate. Better fit improved protection, and comfort is all benefits of curved leg elastics. additionally, the wetness indicator can notify carers when a change is needed. For caretakers, access is simple thanks to the safe hook tab fasteners, which also offer infinite refastenability.
  5. Tranquility Hi-Rise Bariatric Disposable Brief:
    These disposable briefs feature a comfortable fit, a long rise, and flexible side panels. The superior fit is guaranteed by the front and back fuller and higher covering. The upper layer is soft and cloth-like, making it soothing on the skin. Wide, finger lift-tip micro-hook closing tabs grasp the short firmly while still allowing for several openings. Peach mat core provides optimal protection by controlling odor, protecting delicate skin, and holding over a quart of liquid. Leakage and bowel containment is provided by Kufguards® (inner leg cuffs). Each brief features two wetness indicators that change color from yellow to blue when moisture is present. Leg gathers made of elastic offer a cozy fit and are latex-free.

Overall, selecting the right plus-size diaper depends on various factors, including fit, materials used, and brand selection. It is important to consider all these when choosing the right diaper. If you'd like, you can continue browsing our selection in bariatric incontinence briefs.

Tips for Using Plus-Size Adult Diapers

Once you’ve chosen the right diaper, there are a few tips to help make sure you get the most out of your purchase.

  • For an obese person with skin folds and mass, the recommended wear period should not exceed 8 hours and should only be done overnight. We would advise changing more frequently for daytime use with overweight people in order to maintain the skin's health as much as feasible. Heat, moisture, mass, and incontinence can increase sensitive skin.
  • Second, make sure the diaper fits properly for maximum absorbency and comfort.
  • Finally, determine whether you need extra support from underpads or booster pads.

Following these simple tips, plus-size wearers can get the most out of their adult diapers.

Find the Right Bariatric Adult Diapers with Parentgiving

Grocery, drug, or big box stores do not carry bariatric adult diapers. At Parentgiving, we stock high-quality incontinence brands from the greatest producers and evaluate them based on client reviews. Our clients are our number one priority. If we receive bad evaluations on any incontinence product, we will remove it from our inventory right away. Selecting the right plus-size adult diaper is an important part of maintaining personal wellness and hygiene as a larger person. It is important to consider factors such as fit, materials used, and brand selection when choosing protective underwear. Shop now to find your ideal plus-size adult diaper.

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