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Tena Super Overnight Heavy Absorbency Underwear
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  • —W-Shaped" absorbent zone conforms to the curves of the body and channels liquids away from skin
  • Lie-down protection for all night comfort, as well as for heavier daytime use
  • With our highest absorbency level in a non-bulky, natural-feeling underwear
  • Secure barrier system with standing leg gathers and soft gathers at the back, ensuring security against leakage.
  • Pad is wider at the back for increased protection and absorbency.

  • Medium: (Waist Size 34" - 44")
  • Large: (Waist Size 45" - 58")
  • X-Large: (Waist Size 55" - 66")

Category: Pull Up Diapers / Protective Underwear

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By On the go!
Professional caregiver

Jun. 17, 2019

Most comfortable and secure!

The comfort-fit cloth like fabric is the best on the market!

Pros:TENA fits securely; leg openings are conforming with just-right sizing. No chafing or irritation. Great product for use during the day while out shopping or gardening. Fast absorption when sudden sneeze or cough occurs.


Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Kdee
Family caregiver

May. 26, 2019

Great product . . . if you get the correct size.

I’ve been using this product for 2 years. The best thing about the Teena brand overnighter is its softer, elastic-like part that doesn’t leave those deep indentations on thin skin that is so irritating to elderly persons.

Pros:Extra thick & more absorbent than most other overnighters.

Cons:Getting the wrong size! I ordered LARGE but received MEDIUM. I couldn’t use them.

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By None
Buying for myself

Apr. 19, 2019

My Favorite so far

I've tried many different brands and this is my favorite so far. Had some good experience with it.

Pros:Usage for night time or overnight purposes has been the best as far as leakage protection is concerned. Leakage issues has been rare (knock on wood).

Cons:While I rate highly, it really isn't as comfortable as some others. And they pack the underwear way too tightly in the bag making it difficult to get the first few out. And the price is too high, so one is forced to buy in bulk.

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Diddle
Buying for myself

Apr. 06, 2019

Weak absorbency

This product does not give overnight protection Last maybe thru half a night

Cons:Weak absorbency

Overall: No, I would not recommend this product.

By Driernow
Buying for myself

Apr. 02, 2019

Best Yet!

After cancer left me totally incontinent in 2008, I have been looking for the best protective underwear. I have just found this product and after almost a month of experience, it is the best I have yet found. I hope others can have the same experience.

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

Gender: Unisex 
Product Type: Pull Up 
Absorbency Rating: OverNight 
Brand: TENA 
Incontinence Type: Urinary 
Option: Medium, Large, X-Large 
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