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Adult Diaper Pails & Adult Diaper Disposal Systems

Adult diaper disposal, Adult diaper pails, adult diaper genie

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Janibell 280 Series Liner Pack Refills

PG#: 00001vJAN280AR2B
By: Janibell

Bag liners for Janibell 280 series, 6 gallon, products. Available in 3 pack.



Janibell Akord Slim M280DA Adult Incontinence Disposal System (7 Gallon Capacity)

PG#: 00001vJANM280DA
By: Janibell

The Janibell slim looks great in any room of your home. Perfect, too, for nursing homes or assisted living centers.


Janibell Akord M400 Diaper Disposal System (13 Gallon Capacity)

PG#: 000011vM400DS
By: Janibell

Made of a strong and non-porous resin and reinforced with a metal crossbar, the M400BW locks in odors and holds up to many years of heavy use.



Janibell Akord M330 Adult Incontinence Disposal System (11 gallon capacity)

PG#: 00001vJANM330DA
By: Janibell

Say goodbye to unpleasant and potentially embarrassingodors! With its advanced double-sealing system, theJanibell Akord adult incontinence disposal system locks inodors to keep things smelling fresh.

was $90.65


Janibell Akord M400BW Step Open Trash Can -13 Gallon

PG#: 000011vM400BW
By: Janibell

The Janibell M400BW is an extremely durable hands-free trash container made for heavy use that locks in odors and for convenient and sanitary disposal.



Janibell Akord M250HW Under-Cabinet Trash Can

PG#: 000011vM250HW
By: Janibell

The Janibell M250HW is an under cabinet trash can that mounts conveniently on the inside of a cabinet door. This space-saving solution is fully-enclosed and makes taking out the trash simple and fast.



Janibell Akord M280BW Step Open Trash Can (6 Gallon Capacity)

PG#: 000011vM280BW
By: Janibell

The Janibell M280BW Measuring just 18-1/2" tall, the Janibell M280B has a "footprint" about the size of a piece of photocopy paper.



Janibell Akord M330BW Step Open Trash Can (10 Gallon capacity)

PG#: 000011vM330BW
By: Janibell

The Janibell M330B is sturdy, sleek, and hygienic with a fully enclosed continuous liner system to keep disposal easy, fast and clean.



Janibell Akord M450BW Step Open Trash Can (17 Gallon capacity)

PG#: 000011vM450BW
By: Janibell

Attractive and easy-to-use, the M450BW features a hygienic design that ensures hands will never touch the trash once it is deposited in the container. Janibell trash containers are strong and durable, ensuring high capacity and years of use.


Showing: 1-9 of 9
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