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Home & Bath Safety

Home & Bath Safety
With the goal of aging in place in mind, making the home safe for elders is a priority for caregivers and family. Explore information, ideas and resources on how to assess the options of everything from simple home modifications such as grab bars to extensive renovations.

Home and Bath Safety Articles and Products

  • Home Safety Comes Full Circle

    When we have babies it's a no brainer — we secure cabinet handles, install protective gates and cover the outlets. But as we, and our parents, grow older we are often not as vigilant about home safety — until there's an accident, of course. Then we're in panic mode and may not be sure where to turn. It's OK — you're not alone — so many of us don't see the effects of growing older until there's a crisis. So if you're in that situation, take a deep breath. And if you have come to this article in the prevention stage, good for you! Read on.

  • What Caregivers Can Do For Seniors. . For $500 or Less

    Seniors overwhelmingly want to stay in their own home. While caregivers might think that adapting their environment to safely accomplish that goal will be expensive, it can be done within a reasonable budget.

  • Simple Home Modifications That Go a Long Way

    Any number of devices and/or space adjustments can go a long way toward helping your parent (and you) feel more secure and capable of coping with independent living. Here are 10 suggestions:

  • Questions & Answers About Preventing Falls

    To lower your risk of falling, use the answers to these questions to make your home safer and to know what to do in an emergency.

  • Parent Trap

    Though too many people wait for a crisis, many safety improvements are simple and inexpensive and can prevent a crisis.