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Adult Swim Diapers: Get Back Into the Swim

Incontinence can easily lead you to abandon favorite activities. Even with everyday adult incontinence products, you might think that water sports are still off-limits since a basic adult diaper will likely absorb water from a pool or ocean and become heavy and uncomfortable. But with adult swim diapers like the Tranquility Swimmates™ Adult Disposable Swim Underwear, you can get back to swimming and other water-based activities that you love. And since swimming is a healthy fitness exercise that's easier on joints than most other types of aerobic activity, it can be vital to your overall health.

Here's how this product works. You wear the swim brief in place of your usual adult diaper when swimming or in the water for any activity and then put on your regular bathing suit or swim trunks over it. These briefs are made primarily for bowel containment, but they will also protect against minor urinary leakage.

There are five sizes available:

  • Small fits waist sizes 22" - 36"
  • Medium fits waist sizes 34" - 48"
  • Large fits waist sizes 44" - 54"
  • X-Large fits waist sizes 48" - 66"
  • XX-Large Plus fits waist sizes 62" - 80"

Men should order by waist size, and women by hip size. It's important that you measure accurately for the most security feeling (also, as with swim apparel in general, swim briefs can't be returned for hygienic reasons once the package is opened).