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Smart Strategies for Incontinence: On The Go

By Sarah Johnson

Incontinence can make travel difficult. But with a combination of products and careful planning you can make it a little easier to manage.

Incontinence can leave you afraid of leaving the house, much less go on a vacation. But with a combination of incontinence products and careful planning, you shouldn't have to deny yourself the pleasures of a day about town or even a week's travel.

One of the less stressful options is an island or beach vacation—not much running around and the possibility of beachfront room or villa so you always have easy access to your bathroom. That isn't to say you have to rule out a city trip. It's possible to use local city information websites to learn where to find public toilets—map them out along with your itinerary. From shopping centers and department stores to restaurants, museums and other attractions, there's almost always a bathroom available. Some experts say not to stand on ceremony if you're a woman and there's a line to get into the ladies' lounge—use the men's if it means avoiding an accident.

Of course, first getting to your destination will require some thought, like choosing an aisle seat on a plane that's also next to a lavatory or mapping out rest stops along the highway route if you're driving.

The next step is packing incontinence essentials. If you've been shying away from buying incontinence products out of denial or embarrassment, now's the time to get over your reluctance and start using the items that can really help you. If you're going to be sightseeing, wearing overnight styles of incontinence briefs or pads during the day may give you the confidence you need and help you avoid crimps (and frequent pit stops) in your non-stop itinerary. Look for incontinence briefs that can be worn for eight hours without a change and has considerable capacity. It's a great option for a long flight as well as a day on the run around town.

When you pack, consider taking more clothing in dark colors, at least for pants, shorts and skirts. Be sure to bring enough incontinence supplies for your trip so that you won't have to use valuable vacation time hunting for a store. Have a two-day supply in your carry-on in case you and your luggage become separated in transit. And always pack a change of products and clothes in a tote bag that you take with you on your daily outings.

As you plan each day's event, use the information you gleaned from keeping a daily journal to plan meals and snacks so that they coincide with times you're most likely to be near a bathroom.

Finally, at least a week before you leave for your trip, talk to your doctor about any medication that may help and how to properly take it to maximize its effectiveness—some drugs need 3 to 7 days to work at their peak.

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Sarah Johnson

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