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Smart Strategies for Incontinence:

By Sarah Johnson

Learn how to develop strategies for a "full coverage" incontinence plan.

With primetime ads for pads and briefs, urinary incontinence has come out of the shadows and into the living room and our daily conversation. With up to 25 or more million Americans experiencing some degree of incontinence, personal care products are a hugely growing category and the leading manufacturers of brands have been on a mission to destigmatize the condition. Is there still a sense of embarrassment when this kind of ad comes on TV and you happen to be in a room with members of the opposite sex? Yes, and often the degree of embarrassment is often in proportion to your age. But we're making progress in getting over our squeamishness and getting the answers we need.

The biggest takeaway from the surge in protection products on the market is that there is an item for every incontinence need and if you arm yourself properly—whether that means a slim pad or a maximum absorbency adult brief—you can live your life and not worry about the real source of embarrassment, a noticeable leak.

Though incontinence is often a symptom of a medical condition as opposed to its own health concern, it can lead to consequences that can wear away at both your mental and physical health. If you let incontinence control your life and keep you isolated at home, you rob yourself of the health benefits of physical activity and the emotional benefits of social activity. These limitations on your life can in turn lead to poor health and depression—serious threats to quality of life and longevity.

The last hurdle to feeling confident again is taking the first step in self-care: getting yourself the products you need. There are personal care products to contain leaks and protect your skin, your clothes and even your furniture. In fact, the sheer number of products flooding the market has made it a bit more challenging to sort through the choices and few people want to stand in the drugstore aisle comparing package descriptions, if they can even find the selection they're looking or there.

This is where Parentgiving comes to the rescue. In addition to having a huge selection of products to help you find the items with the level of protection you need, you're able to shop with anonymity. You can get live assistance, on the phone or by online chat, without compromising your privacy, and your purchases are shipped to you in discreet packaging. With a shopping experience like this, there's simply no reason to not to avail yourself of these personal care products.

Get familiar with the different functions of incontinence products in a wide range of categories and then compare the choices. For instances, there are pads that slip into your own underwear or you can choose special washable or disposable incontinence underwear. There are incontinence briefs that are worn like regular underwear or that fasten with tabs to create a more snug fit. Skin care items, from washes to barrier creams, are also available—important because exposure to urine can irritate delicate skin, leading to more discomfort. Products are available to both prevent and repair this damage.

Nighttime incontinence can be managed with products designed to hold a very high capacity. And you can double your efforts by protecting your mattress in the event of a leak—mattress covers, disposable pads and sheets backed with waterproof material are all available to accommodate any size of bed. Our incontinence buying guides explain every type of product. And when you're ready to try a certain style of briefs, you may be able to get a free sample by calling the site's customer service number.

If you've shied away from getting the right personal products, ask yourself if it's because you equate buying with admitting you have a problem. Be honest with yourself, and then take the first step to really taking care of yourself and your needs. Anything less is taking away from your quality of life.

- Written By

Sarah Johnson

Aging in Place Expert
Sarah Johnson is an Aging in Place Expert with extensive experience helping seniors remain independent and comfortable in their homes. She has specialized knowledge of how to help elderly individuals stay healthy, safe, and happy as they age. Sarah is passionate about providing quality care for aging adults, allowing them to remain in their homes and enjoy the highest quality of life.