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How to Select an Adult Diaper for a Woman

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We are all familiar with diapers, usually associating them with babies. However, diapers are not just made for babies. There are many different types and sizes of diapers on the market that are designed specifically for adults: adult diapers. Adult diapers are often referred to as “incontinence products” or “briefs.”

Women of all ages wear adult diapers for a variety of different reasons such asurinary incontinence, bowel incontinence, mobility impairments, menstruation, dementia, and personal hygiene. In fact, women make up over 70% of the adult diaper consumer market. However, selecting the right adult diaper can be challenging as a woman goes through several different physiological changes throughout her lifetime and will need a product that will cater to those changes. We will give you some helpful tips on how to find the best adult diaper to fit your needs.

Tips for Selecting the Right Adult Diaper

  1. Consider Your Needs – Determining your specific needs can help you choose the best adult diaper that will tailor to those needs. Consider the kind and the amount of leakage you have. If you have fairly light leakage, a simple incontinence pad may work just fine for you. If you experience heavy leakage, consider an incontinence adult diaper with leak guards that help prevent leaks around the leg areas. If you experience heavy bowel incontinence, tab-style briefs may be a better option for you. Be sure to check out our women's underwear for bowel incontinence. They provide ample room to contain bowel incontinence while fitting securely around the legs to prevent leakages. Adult diapers with plastic backings are great for combatting the odors of bowel incontinence.
  2. Determine the Correct Size– Women come in all sizes, as do women’s adult diapers. Choosing the correct size is very important in order to avoid discomfort and leaks. A diaper that is too tight may leak and chafe your skin. A diaper that is too loose may leak and bunch up when sitting. Each brand is made differently. A size small in one brand may not fit as a size small in another brand. Therefore, it is important to properly measure around your waist. This measurement will help you determine the appropriate size according to the size chart for the diaper. For example, a woman with a waist size between 34 inches and 46 inches will be a medium in Dry Direct Ultimate Underwear.
  3. Try Samples First – Many adult diaper brands offer samples at a low fee. Once you try the sample and you are satisfied, you can confidently place an order for a full bag. Through the Parentgiving Sample Program, you can find many adult diaper samples for only $1.99 per sample. Most samples include two diapers, and you can order up to five different samples at one time.
  4. Consider Your Clothing Choices – The clothes you wear can help you determine which adult diaper you should wear. For example, pull-ups are similar to panties because they can easily be pulled up or down. Women who wear skirts or dresses may prefer pull-ups for their easy, convenient use.
  5. Consider Your Budget – Determine how much money you are prepared to spend on adult diapers. Diapers from a premium brand are dependable, but they can be expensive. Although lightweight diapers are affordable, you should consider the brand as well. Coupons and discount codes can often be found on parentgiving.com to help save you money.

Types of Adult Diapers for Women that are Available on the Market

  1. Pull-ups – Ultra-absorbent pull-ups look and feel similar to panties. They absorb fluid while keeping you odor-free. They can be pulled up and down, making them a great choice when wearing dresses or skirts for a quick and easy change. Because of their comfort, they are also excellent for women who are very mobile.
  2. Disposable Adult Diapers – Disposable adult diapers, such as re-fastenable briefs, are similar to a baby diaper in that there are adjustable sticky tabs that can be refastened on the sides. They range from light absorbency to the heaviest absorbency and are a great choice when wearing pants as they can easily be changed without fully removing your pants. They are very convenient for women who lead active work and social lives. In addition, disposable adult diapers are advantageous for caretakers because of their easy use.
  3. Overnight Adult Diapers – Overnight adult diapers are specifically designed to protect against the heaviest leakages. Keep in mind that you’ll want to buy adult night diapers that are made of breathable material to prevent skin irritations. They are available as pull-ups and re-fastenable briefs.
  4. Washable Adult Diapers – Although washable adult diapers are reusable, they are less absorbent than disposable diapers and must be washed after each use.

Final Thoughts

A dependable adult diaper should offer excellent absorbency, fit snugly but comfortably, and help deter the undesirable odors that come with incontinence and menstruation. Do some research online and browse through the diapers you are thinking of purchasing. Check out the services and products that different brands offer and read through the reviews from other customers. If you’re still having a hard time deciding which product is best for you, there are product specialists available for assistance. Take your time so that you can choose a product that makes you feel totally confident and comfortable.


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