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How to Choose the Best Bowel Incontinence Products for You

Bowel incontinence, or fecal incontinence, affects millions of people worldwide. While it can be a challenging and uncomfortable condition to deal with, there are products available to help manage bowel incontinence effectively.

Whether you’re a caregiver or searching for the best incontinence products for yourself, choosing the right disposable underwear or briefs is crucial to prevent embarrassing accidents and keep the wearer dry and comfortable.

Below, we'll explore how to choose the best products for bowel incontinence as well as give our recommendations for the top products to use.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Adult Diapers

When selecting the best incontinence product to manage bowel leakage, there are several aspects you should take into account. Here are all the major features you need when picking the right products for bowel incontinence.

Ability to Contain Fecal Incontinence

The most important factor to consider when choosing the best product to manage bowel leakage is its ability to contain fecal matter. It's essential to choose a product with functional leg cuffs that are tall enough to better contain fecal matter. It should be designed to prevent leakage and keep skin dry and comfortable.

Unfortunately, many incontinence briefs, pads, and underwear focus more on containing urinary incontinence, which is not ideal for someone dealing with fecal incontinence.


Some products are designed only for urinary incontinence, meaning they don’t absorb as much as products designed for dual incontinence. The good news is there are heavy absorbency products that offer extended protection from leaks, even during heavy episodes.

Getting the right absorbency level is essential because inadequate absorbency and incontinence protection can often lead to accidents and leaks.

Be sure to look at the product's stated absorbency level or contact the manufacturer for clarity. Many companies — including those offering incontinence products — do not always provide this information clearly.

Learn more about how to buy adult diapers and briefs.

Frequency of Bowel Movements

Bowel movement frequency is another essential factor to consider. It is strongly advised for caregivers to remove the user from an adult diaper that has been fecally soiled as soon as possible. The capabilities of a premium diaper are built around super-absorbent urine and some absorbent feces, yet prolonged exposure of feces near to skin can eventually result in skin damage. Products with extra absorbency, such as booster pads, are great for individuals with frequent bowel movements. Booster pads are especially useful because they can be added to incontinence underwear or briefs to increase their effectiveness.


The wearer's lifestyle should be considered when choosing the best bowel incontinence products. For example, more active individuals would benefit from using breathable and cloth-like products. Additionally, those with sensitive skin may opt for latex-free products.

Plastic Backsheet vs Non-woven Textile Backsheet

Adult diapers with a plastic backing and an impermeable plastic backsheet were traditionally the best option for fecal incontinence, but new non-woven manufacturing methods allow for similar impermeable qualities with the added advantages of breathability and low noise. Both styles are equally effective, but a non-woven backsheet gets the edge because of its advantages in terms of ventilation. This often boils down to personal preference of the user and caregiver.

Reusable vs. Disposable

When it comes to containing fecal matter and managing bowel incontinence, using disposable briefs or underwear is recommended over anything reusable or washable. Disposable products make life easier by reducing clean up. With mild incontinence, reusable diapers hardly ever help. They are in no way suitable for anything more (overnight or bowel incontinence).

What Are The Best Products For Bowel Incontinence?

We have discussed the key elements to consider when selecting an incontinence product. Now, let’s explore some of the highest-quality options available on the market today for men and women with bowel incontinence.

The incontinence products below are designed with soft, cloth-like, and breathable materials. They are excellent for people with sensitive skin as they help to keep skin dry, comfortable, and protected from any rashes or irritation.

1. Dry Direct Ultimate Underwear

Try Dry Direct Ultimate Underwear if you're searching for a superior adult incontinence product. It's the result of years of research and testing, and is one of the most absorbent incontinence products on the market — with over 40 oz. of absorbency capacity under pressure (an independent testing metric which measures absorption capacity when lying down or seated).

Not only does it offer 3x the absorbency of anything found in brick-and-mortar stores — it's also designed with soft and breathable materials for maximum comfort and protection.

2. Dry Direct Ultimate Protective Underwear

Dry Direct Ultimate Protective Underwear is our highest-rated and most popular adult underwear-style product. It’s designed to provide maximum absorbency, leakproof protection, and comfort throughout the day. Plus, it’s perfect for overnight use or extended wear of up to 10 hours.

It features soft and improved leak guards, odor protection, breathability, and holds up to 40 oz./5 cups of liquid — making it an excellent choice for those who need a premium incontinence product.

3. Tranquility Premium OverNight Absorbent Underwear

Tranquility Premium OverNight Absorbent Underwear is designed for a good night's sleep, free of interruption. Super-absorbent, breathable fabric and a full-rise waist panel make it comfortable. At the same time, the latex-, lycra- and spandex-free design offers protection against accidents.

The added Kufguards® feature channels fluids into the absorbent core, allowing it to hold up to one quart of liquid. Available in sizes XS to XXL. The peach core guarantees skin dryness, odor reduction and urine pH neutralization.

4. Dry Direct Maxi Overnight Brief

Dry Direct Maxi Briefs are the finest tape-on brief for heavy absorbency, offering maximum protection for extended wear of up to 8 hours. They feature a luxurious top sheet, side panel, and hook-and-loop tabs designed for multiple adjustments.

These briefs are ideal for immobile heavy output users, including those with fecal incontinence. The formulation of pure cellulose pulp and super absorbent polymers locks away more than 5 cups of liquid, keeping sensitive skin dry and odor-free. Unisex design. 100% made in Italy.

5. Tranquility ATN (All-Through-the-Night) Adult Briefs

Tranquility ATN Briefs provide superior protection and comfort while allowing for quality sleep. The unique expanded surface area ensures a longer wear time, making them ideal for incontinence care.

Features cloth-like outer cover with plastic backing, leg guards, and Peach Mat Core which locks away liquid. Ranges in size from XS to XL with an absorbency capacity of 19-24 fluid ounces. Free of latex, lycra and spandex to reduce skin irritation.

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Choosing the best incontinence products for yourself, your patient, or your loved ones can provide peace of mind in an otherwise difficult situation. Whether you’re searching for liners, incontinence pads, or underwear with odor control, maximum absorbency or high comfort, we’ve got you covered. Check out our full selection of bowel incontinence products today.