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Smart Strategies: Extra Protection To The Power of 2 (or 3!)

You want extra protection, but you don't want the bulk—not the feeling or the appearance. You can double up on absorbency with a simple, sleeker option: a separate liner placed within an adult incontinence brief.

Liners are usually the first line of defense used to manage light leaks. Like female pantiliners, an incontinence liner is held in place with adhesive strips within regular underwear. You can also use this product within an adult diaper. The liner absorbs leakage first and the diaper absorbs any overflow once the liner is saturated.

Just as you choose incontinence briefs based on the amount of absorption you want, you can choose from liners with different degrees of protection. Then simply do the math to know what volume the two together will hold—add a super absorbent liner to a super absorbent brief or diaper and you've nearly doubled your protection. With this double layer, you might be able to change just the liner if the brief itself stays dry. Remember that liners, like briefs, can be unisex or specifically contoured for men or women, which will often give you a greater feeling of security and comfort.

There are even some systems that offer you three layers, thanks to booster pads that can doubled up. Also called "flow-through" pads, they fill to capacity then pass additional fluid to your main incontinence undergarment, boosting absorbency, maintaining skin integrity and controlling odor.

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