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How to save when purchasing adult diapers

By Parentgiving Admin

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Whether your need for adult diapers is temporary or permanent, most buyers of adult diapers have other expenses and bills to pay and are motivated to find the best deal on adult diapers. After all, incontinence products can cost upwards of $200 per month for one person. We will walk you through some of the ways to save some money when buying adult diapers, and show you how to spend less on other related medical needs.

Save Money and Time with Auto Delivery

Frequently online shoppers have seen subscriptions or auto delivery before - often shown as a way to reduce costs while keeping a steady flow of a product - whether it’s kitty litter, laundry soap, or adult diapers coming. Websites like parentgiving.com offer “Auto delivery” for a discount compared to ordering one pack of adult diapers. For example, one of our leading adult diaper products with Dry Direct offers discounts based on the amount and size of your order.

In addition to a discount based on how much you order and for how long, some customers might like simply not having to order more diapers again for a while. Cancellation is as simple as turning off the auto-ship order.

Auto Deliver also helps reduce the expense of going to a store to buy more if you end up running out too early. Making auto delivery more effective also requires you to know how many diapers you use per day, and how many diapers are in a pack. This is easy math to do ahead of time and totally worth it to avoid disruptions or inconvenience. For example, let’s say that an adult needs 3 diapers per day, 7 days per week. With a need for 21 diapers a week, look at autoship packages that offer enough diapers at a time to cover your needs.

Consolidate orders

People who order products like diapers for their parents, grandparents, or themselves - tend to also have other medical needs that can be taken care of on websites like parentgiving.com. Basic medical supplies ranging from home medical tests to mobility and nutrition needs are offered too. When you order multiple products, you also often get free shipping and potentially a discount for a larger order. Rather than using more time and buying products from several sites or brick and mortar stores, consider buying from one place like Parentgiving and take advantage of the convenience of shopping online - and often free shipping or additional savings.

Consolidating orders can also make your shipments more organized. Products arrive at the same time, so you have your needs met instead of having to go to a local drug store or medical supply place, where they tend to be more expensive and time consuming.

Look at cost per piece for high quality products and buy more

Along with consolidating orders and getting a bigger discount with auto delivery, you should also consider looking at the cost per piece. Adult diaper companies know that many of their users will need to multiple diapers per day, and the cost can add up.

To get the most of your adult diapers, first look at the ratings for a few diapers that might fit your needs. Read some reviews and see if they work. If you need overnight diapers and the reviews indicate that the diapers handle night bathroom needs well, take the next step.

What is the price difference between ordering a lot at the same time? Look at how much the diapers cost each. Divide the price by the number of diapers and compare it to others you have read ratings for. In an example, Dry Direct’s Super Overnight Underwear offers its smallest quantity of 14 for $17.99. $17.99 divided by 14 equals $1.28 cents each. A case of small diapers comes with 56 in a pack for $64.99 and asks us to divide $64.99 by 56, which gives us $1.16.

Also know that auto delivery takes 5% off, for a total of $1.10 each.

Focusing on a combination of the best reviewed diapers and the lowest cost per diaper is one of the best ways to save money and get a good quality product that does what you need it to do. A higher quality product can potentially require fewer changes, be more absorbent and comfortable, and ultimately make the person wearing them happier - all while being bank account friendly.

Ask Customer Service

You could also get a little help along the way. Stores like Parentgiving also offer expert advice from people who know a thing or two about adult diapers and know the best way to get the best product for your money. Consider connecting with them - they’ll be interested in helping to keep you as a valued customer - plus they can help you interpret what you are seeing from a price standpoint and catch details that some customers don’t notice right away.

Customer service can also offer additional insight into the differences between brands and whether or not more premium brands are worthwhile. These agents receive feedback from customers about what works and what doesn’t, and can offer helpful facts.

Add an absorbent pad

You may not have thought of another option: Add an absorbent pad to a diaper to make it last longer. An absorbent pad can reduce the number of diapers you use, at a cheaper price. A medium pack of Dry Direct Ultimate Booster Pads provides 25 pads that can be inserted into diapers. For $14.99, you are getting each pad for just under .60 cents, which is less than half the cost of changing the diaper. If an absorbent pad helps you wait to change a diaper, it might be worth looking at pads as a replacement for frequent changes.

Absorbent pads also provide an extra area of absorption to reduce the chances of change-inducing leaks. It’s also worth noting that some people try to wear multiple briefs or pull ups simultaneously to absorb more - using a diaper with a pad is a much more effective, more cost friendly method.

Ineffective products are more expensive and aggravating in the long run

Don’t go too cheap. While we have nothing against low rated incontinence products for people who want to try to get by on the very cheap, they should consider that going for the cheapest available isn’t always good.

The cheapest adult diapers can cause skin issues because they don’t absorb the body fluids that come out, which can quickly have a painful, gross impact on skin. Issues with the skin can cause expensive, annoying medical treatment too.

Cheaper and ineffective products also cause leaks that can happen at inopportune moments. Sitting in your favorite chair or loveseat, or out in the car, and having an adult diaper leak, can cause the need for costly cleaning or repair. Higher quality products are better at reducing the chances you’ll be paying for cleaning furniture due to an incontinence leak.

Bed linens are a factor here too. You’ll start spending more money on blankets and sheets or the laundry soap needed to wash them more often when using lesser products.

Generally speaking, a premium quality adult diaper is worth it to avoid causing additional stress in other ways, like cleaning up or changing more frequently. Consider the stress impact of having to change diapers more often, or the issues caused by uncomfortable or ineffective incontinence products.

Insurance and tax reimbursement

Both insurance companies and taxes can help you save some money.


Contact your insurance company and see if they offer reimbursement for adult diapers. Many insurance companies help pay at least a percentage of many other medical supplies and appointments, so it’s possible that they could help you save a few dollars. You can check the provider's website for their coverage or just call and ask a representative. Websites and local stores will allow you to use your insurance ID to get a discount on diapers, and they are reimbursed by insurance companies themselves for the purchase. This is a win-win situation for the adult diaper customer and for the store.

Tax Reimbursement

While tax situations have the potential to change, the IRS may offer you an additional refund or at least less in taxes for medical expenses. At the moment, the IRS offers credit if you pay more than 7.5% of your adjusted gross income on medical supplies.

Since the IRS allows you to write off medical supplies, this is another reason to buy in bulk with Auto Shop to best organize your purchases and receipts. Having them all come from the same place will help you enter your purchases during tax time - and reduce the risk of issues in the event of an audit.

Tax reimbursements can be big for people who are on a fixed income, as 7.5% might be a smaller amount for someone who receives social security benefits. With an average national social security income of around $20,000, you’ll need to spend about $1400 per year on medical expenses to get a refund. Diapers themselves have the chance to cost more than that per year.


Websites that offer adult diapers give you a few options to save a few dollars, especially if you become a long term customer. Some customers who require adult diapers have other needs too, and just need a little help, research, and math knowing what they need, and how much each item will cost. The best bet is to give some attention to how effective products are for the price, and offer larger amounts of the diapers and medical supplies that work the best.

Choosing higher quality products makes a big difference in avoiding potentially expensive incontinence accidents at the wrong time and the overall aggravation of uncomfortable products. That’s why Parentgiving only offers highly rated and highly reputable products, because they want to help you find comfortable, effective medical needs now, and when you need something in the future.