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Diapers aren’t just for cleaning up the messy things in life. Yes, as adults I’m certain that we’re all familiar with the typical application of adult diapers or underwear for leaky bowel. But we’re not here to talk about how to use diapers in that way. Diapers can be used in all sorts of ways that can make our lives easier, more convenient, and yes, even more fun. From helping plants to grow in your garden to keeping your feet warm in a cold house (yes, this is a legitimate way to use a diaper), diapers may be more versatile then you may think. Let’s take a look at some of the more unique uses for diapers.
  1. Keep your feet warm Okay, we’ll start with one of the more seemingly ridiculous (but useful!) ways to use a diaper. If you don’t have slippers on hand, but you happen to have a box of diapers on standby why not slap together a pair of makeshift slippers by wrapping your feet with a pair of diapers and duct tape. Who cares how ridiculous you’ll look. You’ll be at home (hopefully) and your feet will stay nice and warm. Not the most orthodox use of a diaper, but you can’t argue that the idea sounds tempting, especially if you’re home alone.
  2. Dusting Don’t let a lack of cleaning supplies stop you from cleaning up around the house. When you think about it, the spongy softness of a diaper is the perfect tool to run across your furniture to collect dust and other messes around the house. They’re soft enough not to leave scratches everywhere (let’s say if you’re dusting a TV screen) and they’re absorbent enough to soak up spills and leaks.
  3. Keep your plants hydrated What’s the number one feature of a diaper? Their power to absorb of course! You can use the absorption power of a diaper to keep your plants hydrated while you’re away. If you’re gone for too long, your plants may very well die without someone there to water them. To avoid this issue, place your diaper at the bottom of the pot. When you water your plant before leaving for your trip, the diaper will soak up any excess water that the plant doesn’t use right away. Now, the plant can tap into this pool of excess water to stay healthy and green until you return from your trip.
  4. Transport fragile items Transporting glass or other fragile material? Instead of investing in expensive transport material (such as bubble wrap) just use a diaper. As we already know they’re soft and act as a natural cushion, making diapers the perfect choice to transport your fragile items. This little trick may especially come in handy if you’re moving and you’re trying to save a little bit of money.
  5. Wipe up sweat If the house is running hot and you’re sweating profusely use the absorbent power of diapers to wipe up your sweat. It’s not a terrible idea really. This allows you to avoid dirtying up any of your towels and you’ll be able to use the diaper multiple times before you have to throw it out.
  6. Long-distance travel This is what diapers were designed to be used for. If you’re on the road for long periods of time and you know that bathroom stops will just slow you down, then adult diapers are a convenient way to stay on the move. Some truckers adopt this tactic because public restrooms aren’t always readily available (especially if you’re driving in the countryside). Plus truck drivers are often on a time crunch to make a delivery. Leak proof adult diapers give them the flexibility to keep their cargo moving at all times.
  7. Change your oil Changing your oil has always been a dirty business, but that issue can be rectified by introducing a diaper into the mix. When you’re ready to get the job done place your diaper near the oil filter. Now, when you unscrew it, the oil that comes flowing out will land onto the diaper thus leaving the surrounding area nice and clean. Keep in mind that you may need multiple diapers for the sake of covering a wider area in case the oil splatters.
  8. Add extra insulation to your pet carrier If you’re constantly on the move with your pets there’s nothing worse than having to clean up after them if they have an “accident” in the car. Even if they’re in their pet carrier the prospect of cleaning up after your pet isn’t exactly what I would define as a fun time. Simplify the cleanup process by lining your pet carrier with diapers. That way when your pet relieves themselves while you’re out and about you can simply switch out the diapers and throw them away.
  9. Bandage up a leaky pipe Leaky pipes can be annoying for a number of reasons. First, they’re often expensive to fix. Second, if you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll have to pay a guy to come out and he’ll be expensive as well. Third, a pipe that leaks for too long can lead to water damage and mold growth. If you’re at the end of your rope and you don’t know what to do, simply use a diaper to bandage up the wound. This is a temporary fix, but the diaper will absorb the leaking water and buy you time to eventually figure out a long-term solution.
  10. Heating pad Diapers have amazing insulation. This is great if you’re having aches and pains in various parts of your body. Simply set your diaper near a heater for a few minutes until it’s nice and toasty. Then apply it to the pain point on your body (such as your lower back for example), and sit back and relax as the heat melts away the pain.
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