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An Unwanted Urge: What Urge Incontinence Means

By Parentgiving Admin

Another common type of incontinence is urge incontinence—the strong and sudden need to urinate because of bladder spasms or contractions, leading to frequent urination, day and night. These contractions occur regardless of how much urine is in your bladder. Just having the urge to go to the bathroom isn't the most frustrating part of the problem. It's the accompanying frequent leakage of urine due to bladder muscles that aren't contracting properly. Also hard to accept is that the specific cause can't be identified in most cases—it can result from conditions ranging from inflammation to bladder cancer, so it is important to get checked. Although urge incontinence can occur in anyone at any time, it is more prevalent in women and the elderly.

Diagnosing urge incontinence will probably include a pelvic (for women) or genital (for men) exam to start. Tests will likely be done to rule out a UTI, any neurologic cause or other serious medical condition as well as other types of incontinence, such as stress incontinence, which often results from weak muscles.

While you're going through what might seem like an interminable process, keep your sanity and your dignity by containing any leaks with appropriate incontinence products. There's no reason to seclude yourself at home because you're afraid of a noticeable accident. Since there's no way to predict when one might happen or to prevent it, wearing personal protection products gives you the freedom to enjoy life. You can carry extras in a zippered case instead your tote or knapsack and no one needs to be the wiser.