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Absorbency Levels Explained

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Finding the right super absorbent adult diaper can be frustrating, especially when it seems as if each product has a different definition of absorbency levels. It can be difficult to know what to wear when you do not understand what the different levels mean. To begin understanding what products work best for incontinence, you first must understand your personal needs.

Ask yourself these questions. Do you have:

  • An occasional drip or two over the course of multiple hours?
  • A small leak (think of if you sneeze)?
  • A little larger leaks (this could be after lifting an object, jumping, or skipping)?
  • Full voids of your bladder?
  • Are there belted options? View our belted diapers.

Your answer will determine the type of incontinence product that will best suit your needs. It may be beneficial for you to try out different adult diapers to see which one will work the most efficiently. Depending on your level of incontinence, you can start at light absorbency diapers and work your way up if needed. To view different size options, check out our bariatric briefs.

Incontinence Graph
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Light incontinence
This type of incontinence is the occasional leakage of minimal amounts of urine. Light incontinence usually occurs when pressure is exerted on the pelvic floor from natural functions such as sneezing, coughing, or exercising.

Moderate incontinence
The person with moderate incontinence may have a majority of control over their bladder with occasional partial leaks of urine. This level of incontinence may require protection sometimes.

Severe incontinence
People with severe incontinence may experience control over their bladder but have bouts of emptying their bladder periodically throughout the day. This type of incontinence may need protection a majority of the time.

Very severe incontinence
This form of incontinence is usually experienced by people who are emptying their bladders completely throughout the day. They typically do not experience control over their bladder but do not necessarily require a product that can absorb huge amounts of liquid.

Extremely severe incontinence
Individuals who have no control over their bladder and empty their full bladder entirely experience this type of incontinence.

Your level of incontinence will determine the absorbency level needed to cater to your comfort and needs. There are different levels of absorbances that can be selected from.

Light Absorbency
These types of diapers are usually lightweight and mimic normal underwear. This is a great option for adults on the go as they are comfortable but offer some protection. Best used for minimal leaks, they also ward off odor and promote comfort, even after voiding. Light absorbency diapers can come in variations of styles including brief, pull up, and belted.

Moderate Absorbency
This level of absorbency is beneficial for those adults that may need something in between light and heavy. They are a great option for the active adult who is experiencing more than just a casual leak here and there. These diapers will efficiently hold accidents as well as maintain comfort and prevent odor.

Heavy Absorbency
When experiencing heavy voiding or even bowel incontinence issues, these types of diapers are the perfect solution. They can hold up for longer periods of time and hold more voids than the lighter diapers. These diapers can be confidently worn for up to 8 hours.

Overnight Absorbency
These types of diapers were specifically designed to hold large amounts of urine to ensure a sound night’s sleep. They can hold up to 8-10 hours for the user to get a comfortable full night of sleep. Depending on the brand, they could hold as much as a quart of liquid.

Adult diapers are a great option for anyone experiencing bouts of incontinence. Incontinence is experienced by a large population of people in some capacity or another. Asking yourself what type of incontinence you experience is the first step in your journey to finding efficient and comfortable adult diapers to fit your lifestyle.