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Rails for Electric & Adjustable Beds

FreeshipThese adult bed rails are compatible with adjustable beds, both elecric and manual, such as a Craftmatic bed.

EZ Adjust Bed Rail by Stander

This side bed rail from Stander easily adjusts in ...


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Medline Bed Assist Bar

Bed Assist Bar provides help in and out of bed saf...


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Safety Bed Rail by Stander

30 Inch Safety Bed Rail by Stander. Metal bed rail...


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Bed Rails For Electric Home Beds

Bed Rails For Electric Home Beds provide the same ...


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Transfer Handle for Electric Bed

Transfer Handle for Electric Bed for Craftmatic el...


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Choosing The Best Bed Rails for Hospital and Adjustable Beds

With more people requiring long-term care that can be administered at home, hospital beds are no longer an uncommon sight outside of hospitals and nursing facilities. A hospital bed as well as other specialty beds can be adjusted to create many different elevated positions, adding to your comfort level.

To add a level of safety, hospital bed rails, along with side bed rail protective barriers, can be one of the more valuable preventative accessories in the bedroom. Hospital bed rails are a great aid to prevent falling from bed and its serious consequences, notably broken bones. These safety bed rails are designed to adjust with the movement of the bed as the bed adjusts up or down so that you are protected, no matter what position the bed is in.

Factors To Consider:

Length: Like other side bed rails, hospital bed rails and bed rails for adjustable beds come in a variety of lengths—full length, half-length or about 30”, and 18”. Half-length hospital bed rails can often be operated by the patients themselves; full-length hospital bed rails usually require a caregiver to raise and lower them. A half-length might be more suitable if you are able to get in and out of bed on your own.

Single or double bed rail: Hospital bed rails can be single-sided—for one side of the bed only—or double-sided—with a bed rail on each side of the bed, whether or not the bed is free standing.

If you just need help getting in and out of your hospital bed or electric bed, a safety handle designed to accommodate your specialty mattress might be more appropriate than a safety bed rail. A popular bed transfer, the Transfer Handle Bed Rail, is available for spring-based hospital beds. This handles eases bed transfers, helps prevent falls and injuries, improves in-bed mobility and assists with standing and balancing. It installs easily with a bed board that sits on top of the springs. Transfer handles are also available for Craftmatic electric style home adjustable beds.