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Gifts For Under $25

FreeshipFind great gift ideas for seniors for under $25.

Kennedy Cups - Spillproof 7oz Drinking Cups

Kennedy Cups (K Cups) are popular spillproof 7oz c...


was $19.99


Wood Cane - Tourist Walnut Stain

An attractive wooden cane with chip and mar resist...


Bed Buddy Warming Footies by Carex

Warming Footies (Pair) will treat your feet and se...


was $31.10

Doro HandleEasy 321rc Universal Remote Control

HandleEasy is a universal remote control for the T...


Butterfly Offset Adjustable Cane

Butterfly, offset fully adjustable cane with foam ...


was $33.32

Big Button Talking Calculator

Easy to use, clear female voice speaks the individ...


Playing Card Holder

Slotted clear plastic playing card holder for adul...


Fleece Wheelchair Armrests (Pair)

Helps prevent achy arms and elbows.


was $27.77

7-Day Pill Organizer

ACULIFE Deluxe One Week Plus Today Pill Box.


was $18.74

Fleece Armrest & Pouch

Comfort plus convenient storage.


Cando Gel Hand Exercise Ball

Grip Improving Hand Ball (Various Resistances Avai...


Knork (Knife and Fork Combination)

The Knork enables people to both cut and spear foo...


Large Face Playing Cards

Regular size playing cards with high visibility ma...


Gel Ultimates Moisturizing Booties

Moisturizes and softens the entire plantar surface...


was $41.10


Innovative rolling massager equipped with two knob...


Card Holder-Wooden

Varnished hardwood rack holds 2 rows of cards.


Fleece Cane Grip For Curved Handle Canes

Unique design enables easy attachment and secure f...


Small Activity Board - R.O.S. Spree

Hard board that provides a working surface for sen...


Elvis Magnet Puzzles

16 piece magnetic puzzles featuring different imag...


Quadruple Cane Tip

Cane tip accessory that turns a single base cane i...


Dycem Non-Slip Bottle Opener

The Dycem non-slip bottle opener allows you to eff...


Air Travel Pillow by Obusforme

Ergonomically designed travel pillow inflates in s...