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Bariatric Briefs

Bariatric briefs are extra Large (XL and XXL) disposable adult diapers that come with elasticized legs and self-adhesive tabs to secure the briefs and create a close fit. Read our Buyers Guide for help finding the best incontinence supplies.

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Prevail Disposable Diapers - Bariatric

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Select Disposable Absorbent Underwear - XXL

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Tranquility XL Bariatric Disposable Adult Diapers

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SOSecure Containment Swim Brief for Adults & Teens

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Prevail Breezers Adult Briefs

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Attends Breathable Adult Briefs

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Wings™ Adult Briefs - XXL

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Comfort Pants by Tena

Tena Comfort Pants provide comfort, security and d...


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XXL Sani-pant Reusable Plastic Pants - Pull-On

Special order XLL reusable incontinence briefs.



Attends Bariatric Adult Diapers

This protective adult diaper offers superior comfo...


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Baribrief Bariatric Adult Diaper

The stretchable side wings of this adult protectiv...


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Wings Quilted Adult Bariatric Briefs

Designed with heavy duty panels that allow for imp...


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AIR-Plus Bariatric Brief

Each portion of AIR-Plus Bariatric Brief allows ai...


Choosing The Best Incontinence Supplies and Products

Incontinence occurs for a variety of reasons. Though not an inevitable part of aging, health issues that occur in both men and women as they get older can be causes of urinary incontinence and lead to conditions like urge incontinence or an overactive bladder. Incontinence products include disposable briefs and adult liners that absorb liquid as well as related products that protect skin and your environment.

To choose the best incontinence solutions for you, you’ll want identify your unique needs and then find the right combination of incontinence aids to provide the necessary level of absorbency—all to give you peace of mind.

How To Begin Shopping For Incontinence Supplies

There is a wide range of incontinence products to choose from. Some are designed to be worn within regular underwear; others are worn instead of it. Some products address incontinence in women while others are made for men. Within these categories, you’ll want to look at absorbency rates and choose a style based on your degree of incontinence and whether it is urinary and/or bowel related.
Putting Together Your Incontinence Supplies List

The most common incontinence products are in these categories:

Overnight diapers are extra absorbent diapers designed to function effectively through the night, without waking you up or wetting linens.

Disposable briefs, also called disposable adult diapers, are the incontinence product mainstay, available in a variety of price ranges. Reusable versions are available as well.

Belted undergarments provide absorbency with less bulk than a full incontinence undergarment; an absorbent pad is attached to a belt or straps that secure it in place. You can wear your own underwear over it or to layer it with incontinence underwear for added protection.

Incontinence pads, also called guards and liners, are worn within regular underwear and held in place with adhesive strips. Wearing a pad inside a disposable or reusable brief can double up your protection.

Remember Related Incontinence Supplies For Comfort and Care

Other incontinence products protect your bedding. Waterproof mattress pads and protectors include disposable chux pads and reusable pads. Waterproof sheets and mattress covers offer additional protection.
Cleansing products are another important part of incontinence management. Protecting the skin from irritants is a must with a two-part system of no-rinse cleanser and a barrier product. Other helpful accessories include gloves, wipes and odor eliminators.