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Super Plus Overnight Protection from MoliCare

MoliCare Super Plus Overnight Adult Diapers have all the right components to handle increased amounts of fluid for outstanding overnight incontinence protection. The three part absorbent core utilizes the latest in adult diaper technologies for added dryness and to neutralize odors. Plus, the comfortable leg cuffs offer anti-leak containment.

Another great benefit of Molicare’s Super Plus diapers is that they allow your skin to breathe, reducing heat buildup and further protecting skin from diaper rash or shearing. With all the great benefits, one might worry that these Molicare adult diapers would be bulky, but that’s simply not the case. At Parentgiving, we value our customers’ happiness and encourage feedback both positive and negative--it keeps us accountable as well as in the know of what’s working best for the persons we want to help the most. These diapers receive five star reviews from patients and caregivers alike, and have been said to be “the best,” “an excellent product,” “not binding,” and more, but this is one of our favorites, “Fit is great, not bulky and not highwaisted, which I like. Under clothes you can not tell you have diapers on.”

Because of the non-bulky advantage, if you live with heavy incontinence twenty-four hours a day, MoliCare Super Plus Overnights are also Super Plus protection for daytime use (fewer changes!), can be coupled with plastic pants or liners if necessary and provide you with the confidence to go out and carpe diem!