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Walkers with Seats and Rollators for Maximum Comfort

Walkers with Seats

Mobility devices have come a long way from the traditional four-legged walkers for seniors that needed to be lifted up and down with every step. Enhancements to walkers for the elderly now include front wheels to create for more of a gliding motion and brakes to give the user control. But the greatest innovation has to be the addition of a seat. Walkers with seats, usually called rollators, allow you to take a rest when you’re out and about. Many also have built-in storage under the seat with a pouch or a basket so that your hands are free to operate it. Three of the new models in the Parentgiving Store feature very comfortable seats among their standard features.

The Clever-Lite LS by Drive has the look of a traditional walker with an added flip-up seat and built-in carry handle. The design lets you use it as traditional walker by raising seat to step inside the frame—just lower the seat when you want to take a rest. The soft, flexible backrest offers support. Both the seat height and handle height can be adjusted to suit the height of the user, and it has fixed 5” front wheels. A dual lever side paddle release lets you easily fold the walker when it’s not in use.

Comfort is an important factor in the design of walkers with seats, and the Wide Lumex Set n’ Go Height Adjustable Rollator offers just that. It not only allows easy height adjustments to accommodate a broad range of user heights, but it also features a comfortable, wide, seamless padded seat with a zippered pouch underneath. For support, there’s a padded back-bar, which can be easily removed when necessary with release pull knobs. The 6” wheels work well indoors and out.

For a more stylish option, consider the Envoy 480 Guardian Deluxe rollator from Medline available in rose or blue. The large seat is padded as is the back rest bar/support cross brace, and there’s a large basket for take-along essentials. The design has a lightweight aluminum frame and loop style brakes plus large 8” wheels, which are great for outdoor treks.